Whether playing alone, with friends, or participating in thrilling in-game events, Fortnite offers a dynamic and immersive gaming experience that has captivated players across the globe.

The game has a plethora of cosmetic customization options, including, character skins, emotes, and other items, allowing gamers to personalize their in-game appearance.

Fortnite also provides ‘Consumable items’ to give a player a temporary boost to their abilities, health, or shield. However, some are unhappy.


Fortnite ‘Exotic Slap Splash’ effect underwhelming

Multiple Fortnite players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) are of the view that the ‘Exotic Slap Splash’ effect is quite underwhelming.

For reference, the Exotic Slap Splash provides one with a momentary increase in Effective Health and energy as well as a transient increase in movement speed.

It can also be utilized to give gamers a quick edge in a fight or to help them escape from danger. This Splash is especially useful in late-game scenarios, when one’s health is low and they need a quick boost to their survivability.


It comes in two variants: Rare and Exotic. The Rare variant boost lasts for 30 seconds, and the Exotic variant lasts for 45 seconds.

However, players feel that the Exotic variant fails to deliver a satisfying effect and that carrying and using it is pointless.

They claim that even though these splashes have double the healing effect compared to regular ones, they find it more beneficial to consume slurp juices for their extra effects.


Some even believe that there is no point in carrying them unless one has a full stack of six.

A gamer says that the splash is useful for refilling white health early in the game, but they usually don’t keep it for long.

Borderline bad, no point in carrying unless you have 6. Using one key on a holo-chest gets you two. It’s a joke tbh.

They need a buff or should come in a larger quantity.

And understandably, players are requesting a buff to make the Exotic Slap Splash a more desirable item to carry.

One of the suggestions is to increase the number of units in the stack, providing more opportunities for health regeneration.

Another one is to increase the amount of health recovered to make the splash more impactful and appealing.

Of course, we’ll keep monitoring the issue where Fortnite ‘Exotic Slap Splash’ effect is underwhelming and update this story with the latest developments.

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Featured Image: Fortnite.

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