The Dragon Age Keep serves as an online application that enables players to tailor the decisions they made in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II to affect the storyline of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

By accessing the Keep, players can create their own unique world state, making choices that shape the course of events in the Dragon Age universe.

The ability to import decisions from previous games into Dragon Age: Inquisition is exclusive to the Keep, making it an essential tool for players invested in the series’ lore and continuity.

Dragon Age Keep down or not working

However, recently, several players have been encountering a frustrating issue where the Dragon Age Keep is down or not working for them (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

Dragon Age Keep down or not working
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Regardless of the device or browser used, players consistently encounter the same error message, preventing them from accessing their saved world states or making any changes to their decisions.

The affected players say that they keep getting an error message stating, ‘Oops, an error occurred’ everytime they try to login.

Furthermore, attempts to load their world state into Dragon Age: Inquisition are met with a message indicating a failure to connect to the Dragon Age servers.

While the specific cause of the error message remains unclear, it is evident that the issue lies within the Dragon Age Keep itself.

@bioware just giving you the heads up but dragon age keep is down! Could you please confirm weather this issue is being looked into? want to get a save file ready for Dreadwolf but dont want to use the defualt world state

@EAHelp Any chance you can give us an idea of when we can expect Dragon Age Keep back online? I don’t want to play in the default worldstate.

Despite their best efforts, players have been unable to resolve the issue through various troubleshooting methods, including trying different browsers, clearing caches, and even using VPNs.

A Community Manager said that they have reached out to the EA team on this one and have let them know that the Keep isn’t working. But there is no new update on this.

EA community manager

The Keep serves as a critical bridge between games, allowing players to maintain the continuity of their decisions and experience a truly personalized narrative.

Without access to the Keep, players are left with a sense of detachment from the world they have invested in, unable to fully immerse themselves in the Dragon Age experience.

In situations like these, it is crucial for game developers to address the concerns of their player base promptly and transparently.

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