[Update: July 6, 2023] Trello down or not working? Company acknowledges outage issues, here's latest status

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Original story (published on January 06, 2020) follows:

Visual collaboration platform Trello appears to be having issues at the moment. We are seeing a large number of reports from Trello users who say the service is down and not working for them. Following are some of the reports for you to take a quick glance at:

@TrelloStatus Is Trello down? Seeing lots of reports on https://downdetector.com/status/trello/ and no one can get access

@trello was down for about 7min and I almost had a heart attack. MY LIFE IS IN THERE, DONT DO THIS TO ME


Downdetector, a service that tracks outages, shows a steep spike in the number complaints in the past few minutes. Users in the US are also heavily affected, according to the service.


What’s good is the company has acknowledged the outage, saying the service may be slow or unavailable. Here’s their official statement on the matter:

Investigating – Trello may currently be slow or unavailable and present errors when loading boards.

Our engineering team is actively investigating this incident and working to bring Trello back up as quickly as possible.

Users affected by this incident may notice that Trello is slow or completely unavailable in both the web and mobile apps

Something similar has been stated by Trello support on Twitter:

Our team is currently investigating an issue that it sounds like you’re running into. We don’t have an ETA on when things will be back to normal, but are hard at work trying to get it resolved! You can find the latest news on our status page at https://trello.status.atlassian.com

As both the web version as well as mobile apps are affected, it indeed is a big problem for those replying on Trello for team collaboration. If you are affected, rest assured as we will keep you posted here for updates.

Update 1 (November 16)

IST 07:31 pm: It seems that Trello is down once again and the company has indeed acknowledged the issue claiming that Trello is responding slowly. However, in our case, the service isn’t running at all.

Here’s the official statement:

We’ve noticed that Trello is responding slowly. This will be present in both the web and mobile apps.

Our engineering team is actively investigating this incident and working to bring Trello back up to speed as quickly as possible.


Update 2 (September 20)

07:20 pm (IST): Trello is down! In addition to our very own confirmation, Trello has also updated the official status page with info stating that services are down at the moment.

The issue affects both web and mobile platforms, but a solution is being worked on.


As usual, we will post an update once new details emerge or if Trello begins working again.

Update 3 (September 21)

12:39 pm (IST): Trello engineers have confirmed that they’ve “fully resolved the performance incident,” that popped up yesterday and now the service should be back to normal.

Update 4 (October 18)

07:20 pm (IST): Trello is currently facing an outage. As per reports, users are saying that the service is not working or website is down. Moreover, reports on Downdetector also conveys the same.

Meanwhile, Trello Support has already acknowledged this error and they are currently working on it. Users can check the current status here.


Update 5 (October 19)

The outage with Trello was resolved yesterday a few hours after users began facing issues with the app or website. According to details shared on the status page, the issue was marked resolved at 13:28 EDT on October 18.

Update 6 (December 22)

06:00 pm (IST): Trello is once again down and not working for users around the world. Many users affected by the outage have taken to Twitter to share their complaints.

Trello down again (Source)

Trello is down, I’m taking this as a sign I should finish work for the year now. (Source)

@trello down on my last working day before Christmas? (Source)

Fortunately, it appears that the team is already aware of the issue and is working on a fix according to the latest status update on Trello’s status website.


Update 7 (February 02)

07:02 pm (IST): Many users are now reporting that Trello is down or not working for them. Those affected took to Twitter to raise their complaints and here are some of them.

Trello is down so I guess this is the universe sending me a message that I should simply not work todayRelieved face (Source)

@trello is down. I was in the middle of an upload. Hope I didn’t break anything… (Source)

OH I SEE, Trello is down for everybody lmao. (Source)

The Trello status page confirms that there is indeed an issue with the service which the developers are investigating. Rest assured, we’ll report back once the service gets back online.


Update 8 (February 03)

10:27 am (IST): The outage with Trello was resolved a few hours after users began to report it. The Trello Status now says ‘All Systems Operational’, which means the service is back online.

Update 9 (July 6, 2023)

04:00 pm (IST): According to recent repors, users are getting a ‘502 bad gateway’ error when trying to login. This has been going on for a few hours, and the problem is already being looked into. More on that here.

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