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Epic Games’ Fortnite is quite a popular name in the battle royale genre and has taken the gaming industry by storm.

Thanks to its unique building mechanic, players can construct structures out of wood, brick, and metal to defend themselves or gain strategic benefits.

However, like any other game, Fortnite also has its fair share of bugs and issues.


For instance, we recently covered the issues where the game was full of cheaters after the ‘Chapter 4 Season 3’ update and gamers were unable to buy the ‘Wish, Set, Match Quest Pack’. Now, a new one has surfaced.

Fortnite ‘Flare Guns’ overpowered

Multiple Fortnite players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) have expressed concerns about the Flare Guns, arguing that they are overpowered and negatively impact the overall gameplay experience.

They also say that the spawn rates of this weapon is high and claim that almost everyone they meet in the game has access to them.

This overabundance of Flare Guns and their ability to burn structures gives one an unfair advantage over their opponents. And understandably, gamers are experiencing difficulties defeating their enemies.

It also adds to the sense of imbalance and frustration among them.


One of those affected says that after being downed in a firefight and revived, they were unable to access the augment menu, enter vehicles, or pick up items.

And to make matters worse, they could not get rid of the issue by getting hit with fire damage from a flare gun or by eliminating and rebooting their character.

Another argues that the flare gun requires little skill, allows wall hacks, and undermines a significant portion of fighting skill.

The flare gun ruins the game. Especially off spawn when you have little to no materials. Or when you finish a fight and a third parties come, mark you, do you have no chance. You’re a week from the fight, you have no time to get any heels off.

The flare gun is such a horrible addition to the game but it’s genuinely welcomed because of how bad the jungle biome is.

As a result, the Fortnite community is urging the developers to either limit the spawn rate of Flare Guns or implement a nerf to balance their power and capabilities

This would help make gameplay more balanced and enjoyable for everyone.

We will continuously monitor this topic and update this story with the latest developments.

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