Techland recently released the Good Night Good Luck update for Dying Light 2, which introduces bug fixes to some known issues, gameplay improvements, and new features.

For instance, it brings enhancements to the night experience with the new ‘Darker Nights’ mode that exponentially reduces a player’s visibility and helps make the experience more terrifying.

The flashlight rendering has also been improved, and it now produces more realistic shadows and matches better to the darker surroundings.

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The latest update also introduces improvements to the in-game HUD and sound effects. However, some are witnessing problems after installing the recent patch.

Dying Light 2 items missing from stash or not received

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple Dying Light 2 players are facing an issue where some items like weapons, blueprints, and other equipment are missing from their stash.

In addition to this, gamers have not even received items from events or the DLCs that they have purchased. It has also been alleged that after the update all the weapons from some player’s stash have disappeared.


A gamer says that after installing the recent update, the weapons that they had pre-ordered, such as the axe and machete, are no longer available in their stash. They also add that the Kyle Crane skin has disappeared as well.

Another player claims that the two ‘Legendary’ renewable weapons included in the deluxe edition bundle are missing from their stash. They also mentioned that they wanted to upgrade these two blueprints to Legendary.

Understandably, those affected have taken to Reddit to express their concerns.

Are we supposed to immediately get the reward for completing the personal portion of Bloody Night community event? There was no completion notification when I finished looting 250 at night. 250 flashed in the on-screen status, but nothing after that to indicate I could find the reward in my stash. (And indeed its not there.)

I haven’t played this game in a while but decided to reinstall for the new update and am missing all the weapons in my stash is this a bug or intentional?

Official acknowledgment

Luckily, Techland has launched the hotfix version for the PC version of the game that addresses crashes related to inventory, stash, and transmog. Along with this, it also temporarily resolves the missing items issue.

However, it must be noted that blueprints for some items cannot be used yet. The developers are actively investigating this bug and are trying their best to get it resolved by next week.

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That said, we will keep an eye on the issue where items from Dying Light 2 players stash are missing and update you.

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