Epic Games has recently released the v25.11 update for Fortnite, which brings a brand new weapon, bug fixes, and two new Reality Augments.

For instance, it fixes an issue preventing Victory Crowns from appearing in players’ inventories.

The recent patch also introduces the Explosive Repeater Rifle that creates small explosions upon impact and helps damage enemies without directly hitting them.

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In addition to this, new ‘Heavy Headshots’ and ‘Heavy Ammo Acquired’ Reality Augments have been added as well. However, some are witnessing issues after installing the latest update.

Fortnite full of cheaters after latest update

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple Fortnite players allege that there has been a significant increase in the number of cheaters following the release of the Chapter 4 Season 3 update.

It has been observed that gamers mostly use aim-assist programs and wallhacks to gain an unfair advantage. Several players asserted that this made the game less enjoyable.

They also believe that they are at a disadvantage if they are not cheating themselves. Notably, cheaters have been found using unfair means in competitive events as well.

The situation has reportedly worsened after the arrival of the latest patch and affects gamers across multiple platforms.


A gamer says that the current season is not enjoyable for all those who prefer a Zero Build playstyle.

The presence of some weaponry, such as the tractor cannon, as well as the dominance of console players have negatively impacted their overall gaming experience.

Another player asserts that there has been a huge surge in blatant cheats using aim assist and player tracking after the recent update. And understandably, gamers have taken to web forums to voice their concerns.

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@FortniteStatus Not only is your game a choppy stuttery mess in close up fights . Tons of soft aim cheaters. Aim assist is broken and way too strong up close. I can’t even get in a game now!? Lololol…least when I do get in a game I can ride a dinosaur though right?!. Fix ur game.

@FortniteStatus I cannot move. I cannot do anything. I cannot play it for a goddamn good match and I do get cheaters in a match too, 2 teams aimboting me so hard, even with smgs. Is this the game that we play in 2023?

Even though cheaters are quickly eliminated after being reported, the issue lies in the sheer number of cheaters present, making it impossible to report and address each one of them individually.

Those affected believe that the game should implement a more effective and automated method of detecting cheaters to tackle this problem.

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By utilizing advanced anti-cheat algorithms and systems, it could easily identify and ban cheaters from further participations. And this will undoubtedly help in creating a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all the players.

We are hopeful that Epic Games will address this glitch soon.

Having said that, we will keep tabs on this topic and update this article to reflect the latest developments.

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