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Apple Music has revolutionized the way we listen to music, providing millions of songs at our fingertips. However, despite its many features and improvements over the years, it exhibits certain issues (1,2,3).

There is one problem that somehow continues to persist, much to users’ frustration. It’s the queuing system in Apple Music, specifically the ability to play next or play last, that remains unfixed in iOS 17.

While Spotify follows the sequential order of the queue (playing songs in the order they were added), Apple Music prioritizes the most recently queued song, playing it next instead of following the original order.

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The persistence of this queuing system flaw has significant consequences for Apple Music users. The inability to properly queue songs disrupts the intended flow of a playlist.

Ideally, this feature should seamlessly integrate with the existing playlist, enabling users to customize their listening experience. However, in iOS 17, this functionality problem continues to plague Apple Music.

I think that the Apple Music queue is flawed. I loveee Apple Music is amazing, but when I click play next on multiple songs it should play how I put it in. Instead every song I press has to be “play next” I don’t want that 🥺 let me build my own queue‼️‼️ Do this and I’d be content in life.

The only thing I care about from iOS 17 is if the queue system has been fixed; I’ve been waiting years and I’m really hoping this is finally the update that changes it back to the old play next/play later system rather than “play last”. Or at minimum I hope there is a “clear queue” button added.

Furthermore, this issue is particularly frustrating for individuals who rely on Apple Music for their workouts or daily routines.

Being unable to queue songs effectively disrupts the momentum and can hinder users from enjoying their preferred tracks at the desired time.

This is the one thing I really miss from Spotify. The way AM handles queues is so strange, I have to go in myself and rearrange everything after I add songs because it doesn’t play in the order you added them. I can’t believe it’s been out almost ten years and no fix.

So, Apple Music users are voicing their frustration regarding this flaw. Some are also sharing instances where the songs they queue to play next or play last do not follow the intended order leading to disappointment (1,2,3).

Potential workaround

While waiting for a fix from Apple, users can resort to the following workaround to mitigate the impact of the flawed queuing system.

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However, this alternative could be far from ideal and can also compromise functionality. Hence, we hope that Apple addresses this long-standing problem at the earliest.

We’ll keep track of the situation and will post an update if and when there are any further developments regarding the issue.

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