Diablo 4 'CC' (Crowd Control) excessive, overpowered or 'too much' according to players

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Blizzard Team 3 recently released the v1.0.3 update, addressing various bugs, balance changes, gameplay adjustments, and improvements across all platforms.

For instance, the patch fixes the glitches where players couldn’t engage with the Dead Man’s Dredge dungeon boss and certain Whispers couldn’t be completed.

The latest update also resolves a problem where ‘Those Who Call the Storm’ event wouldn’t register as completed. However, things are far from rosy.

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Diablo 4 Crowd Control excessive, overpowered, or ‘too much’

Diablo 4 features a Crowd Control (CC) skill effect that helps limit the enemy’s effectiveness by disrupting their movement, immobilizing them, or rendering them unable to attack.

Notably, there are a total of 11 status effects that count as Crowd Control, ranging from Chill, Freeze, and Immobilize to Slow and Stun.

However, reports suggest that multiple players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) are concerned about the excessive and overpowered nature of these effects.

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They allege that demons frequently inflict CC effects, causing them to lose control of their characters, and be unable to take any actions, which ultimately results in their demise.

The main issue that the gamers have identified is the lack of a ‘grace period’ or CC immunity after being impacted.

For instance, if one’s character gets frozen, they may remain immobilized for an extended period of time, and once they regain control, they can immediately be frozen again.


This cycle of being repeatedly subjected to CC effects with little opportunity to respond or counterplay has irritated players, prompting many to criticize the game’s design.

A gamer says that even poorly planned attacks often cause staggering and pushing. They add that the situation becomes worse when numerous enemies attack them simultaneously.

This makes it difficult for them to avoid such situations merely by their skills, and they have to heavily rely on ‘unstoppable’ buffs.

The amount of times I have been stun locked to death from 10k life to 0 is to many. You spend way to much time in Tier 30+ of Nightmare dungeons not in control of your character. I feel like this is a major oversight or just lazy and bad game design.

Another player asserts that they get stunned or frozen by elites even when playing as a level 65 rogue and using CC breaks along with a legendary ability.

Anything that takes control away from your character for more than couple seconds is just bad game design. You just have to sit there, staring at your character while you die. You can’t even potion while CC’d. Have an unstoppable skill?

Gamers argue that this mechanic needs to be improved in order to prevent it from becoming dull and boring, especially in the long run.

They feel that adding CC immunity or introducing a cooldown period between successive CC effects would help enhance and enrich the gameplay experience.

This is especially important if the creators want to implement World Tier 5 (WT5) in the future, since this would compound the problem and make the game seem even more difficult.

Having said that, we will keep an eye on the issue where some Diablo 4 players claim the Crowd Control is overpowered and update you accordingly.

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