Zwift Inc. recently announced Update Version 1.42 for Zwift, which brings along several new features and improvements.

It adds a new steering game called Repack Rush, where riders navigate a twisty route to achieve the fastest time while avoiding hazards and collecting boosts.

The Action Bar has also been reworked with new features and now includes popup submenus for camera positions, emotes, and a Teleport feature as well.

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Notably, the Teleport feature works for both runners and riders and allows one to move seamlessly between RoboPacers or active friends within the same world. However, despite the update some are experiencing problems.

Black squares or boxes appearing on Zwift display

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), multiple Zwift owners are facing an issue where black squares or boxes keep appearing on their display screen.

As per the claims, these appear where dust particles should have been displayed. Such an appearance of boxes during a run can be quite distracting and negatively impact the user experience.

Without a doubt, it hinders the visibility of important information and obstructs the view of the virtual environment. This also ends up affecting the immersion and enjoyment of one’s training or racing sessions.


One of those impacted claims that they have never faced any issues with the Zwift app for Windows 10 until the latest update. And sadly, they could not get rid of the problem by clearing the graphics cache or reinstalling the app.

Another adds that dust clouds now appear as black squares on both Watopia and Mauraki Island. And understandably, users have taken to web forums to request a fix.

I noticed on today’s ride that whenever somebody set a record triggering on-screen confetti, it shows up as black confetti and some of the confetti shows up as random relatively large black squares/rectangles which black out whatever they cover.

I’m getting constant large flashing black squares filling a big part of the screen. Anyone have any idea why this is happening constantly?

It’s worth mentioning that this problem has persisted for a considerable time period, and some have recently reported its recurrence.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, the Zwift support team has officially acknowledged this bug and has stated that the fix will be released in the upcoming update.


In the meantime, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb to know if and when there are any further developments regarding the issue.

Featured and inline image source: Zwift

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