iPhone 'overheating when charging' & 'battery drain' issues persist for some after iOS 16.5.1 update

Apple recently launched the iOS 16.5.1 update for iPhones that introduces bug fixes to some known issues and patches some critical security vulnerabilities.

For instance, the recent patch addresses the bug that prevented one from charging their device with the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.

The latest update also fixes the vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code with kernel or user privileges and to track an iPhone’s location.


However, despite the update, some are still facing problems.

iPhone ‘overheating when charging’ & ‘battery drain’ issues persist

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple iPhone owners are experiencing battery drain and overheating issues. Notably, some are facing these problems when charging the phone or even when in standby mode.

In addition to this, users claim that the battery drains quickly whenever their smartwatch tries to connect with the Music app installed on their smartphone.

Interestingly, some are experiencing similar issues after installing the latest updates on their iPads as well. However, the devices heat up so much that it becomes uncomfortable for them to use them.

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An iPhone 14 Pro Max user says that their device’s battery level dropped from 84% to 60% overnight.

Another iPhone 12 mini user asserts that they have been witnessing excessive battery drain and overheating ever since they installed the iOS 16.4.1 update.

They also receive a ‘Charging on Hold’ message on multiple occasions when charging their device because it becomes too hot.

Both issues have been persistent for the past few weeks and have understandably made users frustrated and annoyed. 

For months now my iPhone 11 has been very laggy/unresponsive to inputs. The battery drains quickly, and it gets hot quickly.

Is this normal battery drain for an iPhone 13 that is at 92% battery health? I have optimized battery charging on. I started the day at around 12pm with 100% battery and the screenshot below was taken at around 10pm when I had 23% battery left.

Those impacted have even tried turning off background app refresh and tinkering with multiple settings, but nothing has worked. And as per the claims, contacting Apple support in this regard was not helpful either.

It’s worth mentioning that the iOS 16.5.1 update was supposed to address the battery-related issues, but it didn’t. People are now once again requesting the developers to address these concerns as soon as possible.

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Featured Image: Apple iPhone 14.

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