Xfinity, a brand under Comcast Corporation, has emerged as a leading provider of digital services, revolutionizing the way people connect, communicate, and entertain themselves.

With a wide range of offerings including high-speed internet, cable television, home phone, and home security services, Xfinity has become synonymous with reliability, innovation, and exceptional customer experience.

Xfinity MB8611 Modem poor speed & disconnection issues

Xfinity MB8611 Modem, once a popular choice among users, has recently been plagued by a series of issues related to poor speed and frequent disconnections.

Xfinity MB8611 Modem
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One of the primary concerns voiced by Xfinity MB8611 Modem users is the stark discrepancy between their subscribed internet plan and the actual speed they experience.

Despite opting for high-speed plans, users have consistently witnessed significantly lower download and upload speeds.

Users have diligently investigated potential causes for the poor speed issues. They have thoroughly checked their connections, ensuring that all wiring and equipment are functioning properly.

However, these troubleshooting efforts have yielded no improvement in their internet speed experiences. Consequently, users have been left questioning the reliability and effectiveness of the Xfinity MB8611 Modem.

​I have a 800 Mbps internet service and a Motorola MB8611 Multi-gig modem. However, when I do a speed test I only get 90 Mbps max. I have steady blue lights on the front panel which in theory should mean that I’m getting full 800 Mbps speed. However, the LAN jack on the back panel is lighted yellow. Per manual, this means that I only have 100 Mbps on the LAN.

I just brought Motorola mb8611 modem, I do have 1200 Mbps plan but, when ever i check the at any time its only 250 – 300 Mbps, when i call the customer support, they say that there is nothing wrong in the intermet connection but couldn’t resolve the issue.

In addition to the poor speed issues, another major problem encountered by Xfinity MB8611 Modem users is the device’s frequent and seemingly random disconnections from the internet (1,2,3,4).

Xfinity MB8611 Modem disconnection

These disruptions occur without any noticeable external factors, leaving users perplexed as to why their internet connection is so unstable.

The sporadic nature of the disconnects means that they can happen at any time, interrupting online activities such as video streaming, online gaming, and video calls.

I have been plagued by random internet drops, like many others on this forum. Motorola MB8611 which I just purchased in December 2022. Some days will fine, with no outages, and then other days will have multiple drops. Of course the drops are most noticeable when either my husband or I are on a video conference call for work.

I am having an issue where every day maybe 5 or more times my internet just drops out. i can confirm that it is not my router/wifi and that it is my modem that goes offline.

One solution that has been implemented by Xfinity technicians involves replacing the GLF-1002 component.

Given the persistent nature of the poor speed and disconnection issues plaguing the Xfinity MB8611 Modem, the device has been removed from Xfinity’s approved ‘recommended’ modems list.

This removal signifies a significant setback for the device, as it indicates a lack of confidence in the modem’s ability to provide a satisfactory user experience.

Customers who are currently experiencing speed issues can contact Xfinity support for more help. While the actual cause of the slow speed remains unknown, upgrading the modem appears to be the most likely solution.

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