Epic Games has recently released the v25.10 update for Fortnite that introduces bug fixes to some known issues, new features, and performance improvements.

For instance, the patch addresses the bugs where players would get stuck in the storm after being revived and could not see their teammates’ names on the map.

The recent update also optimized the game to run more smoothly on a variety of devices. In addition to this, it also adds Cloak Gauntlets, Chug Cannon, Flare Gun, Hammer Weapon,and Tilted Towers POI to the game.


However, it appears that the latest patch has also introduced some bugs.

Unable to drop or throw Crowns in Fortnite

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), multiple Fortnite players are facing an issue where they are unable to drop or remove the Crown.

For reference, a Victory Crown is a cosmetic item that is awarded to players who win a match and can be used to purchase exclusive items from the Item Shop.

Additionally, one also gets a small XP boost, a special emote to celebrate victory, and their names appear gold in the Elimination Feed. 

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Gamers have noted that the crown doesn’t show up in their inventory after the recent patch. This has even made some confused that whether this is an intended change or a glitch.  

Some also claim that one can drop the crown on the spawn island, leave the match, and can still retain it.

One of those impacted says they are now unable to constantly change or cycle crowns in order to ensure that a downed teammate receives one.

Another asserts that they can no longer drop crowns and switch them with their friends after installing the latest update.

Uhh why can’t I drop my crown I’ve noticed this since the update?

I cannot drop crown and keys? Is it on purpouse?

Apparently, the issue has popped up after the recent update and affects players across multiple platforms. And understandably, they are now requesting the developers to fix this glitch as soon as possible.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, Epic Games has officially acknowledged this issue and stated that the fix will be released in the upcoming update. Although no official ETA for the bug fix has been provided.

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Having said that, we will keep an eye on the issue where Fortnite players are unable to drop or throw Crowns after installing the latest update.

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