Verizon 'delayed messages' or 'duplicate SMS' issue on some iOS & Android phones allegedly acknowledged

In today’s fast-paced digital age, instant communication has become a cornerstone of our daily lives.

Text messaging remains one of the most popular and convenient ways to connect with others, providing a quick and efficient means of sharing information and staying in touch.

Verizon ‘delayed messages’ or ‘duplicate SMS’ issue

However, recently, multiple Verizon users have been experiencing frustrating issues with delayed SMS messages .

Verizon delayed messages

Communication breakdowns can be incredibly frustrating, especially when important messages are involved. Unfortunately, several Verizon users have reported experiencing delays in receiving SMS messages.

This means that when someone sends them a text message, it takes a significantly longer time than usual for it to appear on their device.

The delay can range from a few minutes to several hours, causing confusion and anxiety for those eagerly awaiting important information.

The delayed message problem seems to be affecting both iOS and Android users on the Verizon network, making it a widespread issue.

Same thing happened yesterday, sent a few texts afternoon, but only received replies 8 hours later although the details show they were sent by the other person shortly after I texted. Extremely frustrating

This is what’s been happening to me all weekend. If it’s not fixed soon, I’m dropping Verizon completely. It’s ridiculous

In addition to delayed messages, another concerning issue has emerged among Verizon users, the problem of duplicate SMS messages (1,2).

Imagine the following scenario: You receive a text message from a friend or family member, and to your surprise, the same message appears not once but two or three times in your messaging app.

You might assume it’s a simple mistake and dismiss it as a one-time occurrence. However, the messages keep coming every few hours.

Verizon duplicate SMS
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Users have also reported instances where they receive the same message from the same contact multiple times, even though the message was actually sent by different contacts.

So let’s say the last successful text that the customer had received was from Sally and it said “Hello”. Anytime the customer received a non i-message text after that it would say it’s from Sally and say Hello. I tried it from 5 different phones and all of them were from Sally. What the hell is going on?

This bizarre phenomenon has left users bewildered and perplexed, as it disrupts the flow of conversations and leads to confusion.

Issue allegedly acknowledged

Some users allege that they had a conversation with the Verizon support and this is a know issue:

Verizon support

By the looks of it, Verizon technical teams is likely working to identify the root causes of delayed messages or duplicate SMS issue behind the scenes.

Verizon, being one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, has a responsibility to address these issues promptly and effectively.

That being said, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb to know if and when there are any further developments regarding these issues.

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