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Gameloft Montreal recently released an update to Disney Dreamlight Valley that introduces bug fixes to some known issues, new content and improvements.

For instance, the patch adds a new story arc that ties up the loose ends of the game’s main story.

In addition to this, new items have been added to the Premium Shop, including a Dark Castle House Style, vacation-inspired Dream Styles, animal companion skins, and much more.

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One can now also place multiple player houses throughout the valley and customize their furniture using the Touch of Magic motifs.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Skins price criticized

However, the developers have set a very high price for the newly released in-game skins. And by looking at the reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), it appears that this change has not been well received by some players.

They allege that one frequently needs to pour money into the game in order to obtain new content or cosmetics they like. It has been also asserted that this kind of system repulses a lot of gamers.

While players know that these skins are just ornamental and have no effect on gameplay, several are disappointed that there is no way to earn exclusive items through in-game challenges or other means.


The general consensus among gamers is that Disney, with its vast array of beloved characters, has the potential to offer more diversified and creative content.

They also argue that the developers should not simply change the color of an item and re-introduce it repeatedly, especially with companion characters.

And understandably, those affected have taken to web forums to request better deals and more reasonable pricing.

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To me it is wild that Gameloft has managed to look more greedy than the likes of EA. Take Sims 4 for example. Even the kits which IMO are a scam don’t cost this!

$10+ for tool skins? You’re outta of your gd mind Disney Dreamlight Valley…

It’s noteworthy that gamers have even launched a petition to decrease the price of moonstones (an in-game currency) in Disney Dreamlight Valley. At the time of writing this piece, the petition had already received 2,241 signatures.

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Although cosmetic products are not necessary for advancement in the game, producing low-quality cosmetics or charging too much for them leaves a bad impression on community members.

That said, we would like to know your views in this regard. So feel free to comment in the comments section given below.

We will keep tabs on the issue where the new skins price in Disney Dreamlight Valley have been criticized and update this story with the latest information.

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