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Blizzard Team 3 recently launched Hotfix 9 for Diablo 4 that introduces adjustments to elite monster density in dungeons, stability improvements, and much more.

For instance, the update fixed the bug where damage bonus from the ‘Edgemaster’s Aspect’ Legendary Affix got incorrectly reapplied to Whirlwind.

The patch also addressed the issue where the ‘Aspect of Berserk Ripping’ and Barbarian’s Two-Handed Sword Expertise allowed players to deal unintended amounts of damage. However, some are unhappy.

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Diablo 4 Ruins of Eridu nerf met with backslash

Developers claim that dungeon balancing has been done to discourage players from excessively focusing on a particular dungeon that offers a higher amount of experience points (XP) than the others.

The nerf decreases the density of mobs or monsters within these dungeons, giving one fewer opportunities to gain such points.

As a consequence, players would stop farming them repeatedly to get an unfair advantage. Notably, ‘Ruins of Eridu’ is one of the most prominently impacted dungeons.


However, by looking at the reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), it appears that this change has not been well received by some gamers.

They have expressed their discontent and stated that recent modifications are negatively impacting the overall enjoyment of the game.

They also argue that the density and rewards of many dungeons are subpar and believe that developers should focus on improving alternative methods of gaining experience instead of nerfing dungeons.

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One of those affected claims that out of the total 115 dungeons in the game, 110 of them have a low density. In addition to this, the experience and rewards offered are way too low, which makes players run away from them.

Another gamer alleges that the developers make the game less enjoyable with each update. They say that instead of reducing mob density and removing elites, the mob density throughout the game should be increased.

They also suggest reducing the range for experience to discourage split farming.

Took them a week to nerf slightly overpopulated dungeons but they can’t buff the necromancer. I’m fighting for my life out here in T4 but god forbid they allow the grind to be 5% easier

People are getting more annoyed everyday. Nerfs, weird game mechanics, qol and other aspects are topics that need rethinking.

Nerfed dungeons empty and less fun according to players

Some (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) also feel that the nerfed dungeons are empty and lack the same level of challenge as before.

The lack of a sufficient number of enemies has led to a diminished sense of excitement and accomplishment when finishing these dungeons.

Players claim that after the recent modification, they have been running more than fighting.

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A gamer says that they now only encounter one to three monsters in a single dungeon room. It has been also mentioned that most of the rooms don’t even have enemies to fight with.

Another player mentions that they now only see five to ten mobs in an area, making it easy for one to defeat them.

I feel each passing day we see fewer and fewer demons, we are beating Hell!! Keep up the good work and the ” endless” war will finally be over by next weekend.

The dungeons are so empty now, they feel like player housing. Is Blizzard trying to kill this game? 😂😂😂. What are your thoughts fellow players?

Having said that, we will update this article with the latest developments.

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