Is Verizon cancelling free Apple Arcade on Play More plan? Here's what to know & how to fix it

Verizon introduced the 5G Play More unlimited mobile plan in February 2022, that provides users with 50 GB of premium data, call filter, spam blocker and much more.

It also includes six months of free Apple Music, unlimited Mobile Hotspot data and free Apple Arcade for the membership term.

Users can enjoy playing hundreds of games with no ads or in-app purchases across multiple devices with Apple Arcade. However, they have been experiencing some issues with it.


Is Verizon cancelling free Apple Arcade on Play More plan?

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple users have been facing an issue where the Apple Arcade membership keeps getting cancelled randomly. They allegedly have to re-activate the subscription time and again.

However, people are surprised that this problem is happening because at the time of opting for the plan, users were assured that they would get a free Apple Arcade subscription for lifetime.

One of those affected says that their membership was cancelled after they experienced an app crash while playing Angry Birds. They also claim to have received an email regarding the same.

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And upon logging into their Verizon account, they discovered that they could only add a 6-month free trial of Apple Arcade instead of the lifetime subscription.

Another person asserts that their subscription has been cancelled about three times in the past six months. Notably, the email that they received stated that this could be due to a recent account or plan change.


In addition to this, the membership appeared as active in the add-ons section. And upon modifying it, they got an ‘We encountered an error while processing your request. Please try again later’ error message.

I have the 5G Get More plan. It is the only line. Over the last six months or so, my Apple Arcade add-on has randomly been cancelled around three times.

I also got the text message about it being removed on my account and I’m on play more. It says it’s included in my plan but then just offers 6 free months now?
Anyone else experience this?

How to fix it

Fortunately, we have come across a workaround that will help prevent your free Apple Arcade from being canceled by Verizon.

You need to go to your Verizon account, click on the ‘Add-ons & Apps’ section, and then on the Apple Arcade option. Afterwards, you need to select the ‘Get it now’ option located in the top right corner of the ‘Learn More’ menu.

Now, you have to select your line and activate the offer. Finally, you are required to open Apple Arcade from the App Store and click on the ‘play now’ option.


On doing so, you will receive a notification that ‘Apple Arcade is included in your Verizon plan’, and your plan will get reactivated.

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Featured and inline image source: Verizon.

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