Discord username update criticized for supporting only lowercase letters; some unique names on sale for over $1000

Since 2015, each Discord username has been case sensitive and has a Discord tag, also referred to as a discriminator and consisting of a number like #0001 linked to it.

However, it recently got updated to a new username system without discriminators. All users were eventually required to choose a new and unique username in order to use the platform.


Discord staff members were also accused of reserving their usernames when this update was released, which sparked controversy.

Discord forced-lowercase letters in the usernames with the new update

Overall, it’s safe to say that majority of users are absolutely against the new username system. Adding to their frustration is the recently uncovered change that forces them to only use lowercase letters for their usernames (1,2,3).

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Was gonna grab PantsEX for my discord username, but since they only allow lowercase, I didn’t feel like explaining that my username was “pant sex”

Discord keeps going on about oh how useful it is that the new usernames aren’t case sensitive but they’re forcing everything to be lowercase. AKA it IS case sensitive but you’re removing the option of upper case.

According to reports, users are not pleased with this change altogether (1,2,3). Some feel that their usernames now look unappealing and bland.

People are also not liking the fact that despite having no other accounts with their name, they are still forced to use lowercase letters for the usernames.

Moreover, some have lost their years old usernames as a result of this change. Agitated users are now asking Discord to allow them to use numbers and uppercase letters too.

Well I guess due to Discord’s changes, I can no longer use the name “yoh” in all lowercase as my name anymore despite using it for more than 15 years now lol.

It’s worth noting that a petition titled “Discord add back discriminators” is now active on the Change.org platform. Therefore, if you also wish to bring discriminators back, you can check that out and support it by signing.

Some unique names on sale for over $1000

It seems that more controversies have just started reeling in as it’s also been alleged that some unique usernames are now being sold for over $1,000 (1,2,3,4).

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Someone took my username and selling it for $2500, Thank you Discord

sup #discord #discordusername anyone selling a 2015 or earlier account on discord? for $ paypal

Some users are so enraged by it that they are criticizing Discord for the username update that has resulted in this harmful behavior.

It has also convinced people that this change only promotes harassment and the unscrupulous sale of rare usernames.

I don’t want to change my Discord Username.
This change benefits no one and only encourages harassment, stalking, and shady account selling of “rare” usernames. All because you can’t copy and paste your 4 digit number? Bullshit.

Unfortunately, Discord hasn’t commented on the issue regarding the forced lowercase usernames. There has also been no response about the shady username-selling business on the platform.

We hope that the team looks into the reports and comes up with a solution to prevent these detrimental practices.

We’ll also keep a check on the latest developments and update this article accordingly.

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