Discord bans usernames with 'Nitro' & other Discord-affiliated words; search broken or not working for some

Discord has recently introduced changes to its username system, making it easier for users to connect with others.

Earlier, users had to remember discriminators along with their account names to find their peers and communicate with them.

But now, the platform has done away with the tags system and introduced new, unique usernames and display names. Over the next few weeks, everyone will have to pick a new and unique username for their Discord account.


However, lately, some have been experiencing difficulties in selecting it.

Discord bans usernames with ‘Nitro’ and other Discord-affiliated words

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), some Discord users are unable to select the desired username. And this is happening because they are trying to select usernames with ‘Nitro’ and other Discord-affiliated words.

The platform has banned users from using such names with their accounts. However, they argue that these restrictions are unnecessary and hinder their ability to express themselves.

Some say that Discord would only bother to heed to their concerns or create an exception if they were an influencer, YouTuber, or their own employee.

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One of those affected mentions that no matter what username they try to choose, they get an error stating that it is ‘already taken’ or ‘unavailable’. They have even questioned the point of introducing such a system.

Another user alleges that the platform is blocking only those names that are associated with the company itself.

They aren’t blocking other companies names. They have nothing to do with those. They’re blocking the one related to their own product, probably to prevent accounts named freeNitro4844.

“nitro” is literally a real english word, it appears discord has forgotten that. I have a friend with “nitro” in their name.

Some are now even thinking of canceling their Discord premium membership so as to pressurize the company to start listening to their requests.

In this regard, Discord has stated that this move has been made to help protect users from phishing scams.


However, some have questioned why scrutiny is being placed on usernames instead of display names for scam prevention. But that’s not all.

Discord search broken or not working

Multiple Discord users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are facing an issue where the search function is not working properly. As per the claims, they are unable to find old chats in DMs on desktop.

Also, they can only search for the most recent messages in DMs on the mobile app. But luckily, one can search for server messages like they earlier could.

Due to this glitch, some have to manually scroll through a long list of conversations to be able to message their friends.


And to make matters worse, this happens even when one has tried clearing the cache, restarting or uninstalling and reinstalling the app, logging out and back in, and searching for different terms.

The issue popped up after a recent app update and affects users across multiple platforms.

After the new update, I tried searching up old chats, and nothing appeared. I tried turning the app on and off, I tried logging out and back in, I tried searching other words, but nothing works. How do I fix this??

I get an error message anytime I try to search my DMs. I’ve cleared the cache, deleted and reinstalled the app, closed the app, all of it. Any ideas?

However, this is not the first time that the platform users have faced issues because of the new naming system (1,2).

Unfortunately, Discord has not officially responded to the matter. But we are hopeful that they will address these concerns sooner or later.

Until then, we will keep tabs on this issue and update the article to reflect noteworthy information.

Feature and inline image source: Discord

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