Pokémon Masters EX devs aware of blank conversations issue in Pokémon Center & Trainer Lodge, fix in the works

Pokemon Masters EX is a mobile game that allows players to team up with trainers from various generations of the Pokemon series.

The Pokemon Center and Trainer Lodge serve as crucial hubs within the game, providing players with essential services and interactions.

Pokemon Masters Down

The game was working perfectly fine until some gamers discovered a conversations issue in Pokemon Center and Trainer Lodge.

Pokémon Masters EX blank conversations

Some players are encountering a frustrating issue where they are seeing blank conversations within the game’s Pokemon Center and Trainer Lodge.

Here are some reports for reference:


I am talking to him in the lodge but his speech bubbles don’t have any words. Literally Unplayable. (Source)

On PMEX discord, Voltage had said the following. Apparently the but comes for a mistraslation on the dialogue’s text, so maybe soon we will have apologems xD (Source)

When players try to talk to trainers, the conversation bubble that shows caption remains empty when the character is speaking.

Thankfully, DeNa has acknowledged the problem and is actively working on resolving it as quickly as possible. However, they haven’t provided an exact timeline for the release of the fix.

We are aware of an issue occurring in the Pokémon Center and the Trainer Lodge where some conversations are not displaying properly. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue. (Source)

Unfortunately, we haven’t come across any workaround that might help you fix this glitch. And you’ll have to wait until devs fix this problem.

So, if you’ve encountered the frustrating issue of blank conversations in Pokemon Masters EX, worry not! The developers are aware of the problem and are actively working on a solution.

We’ll let you know when the fix arrives.

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