Diablo 4 'Play' button not clickable or grayed out ('Cannot be played yet' error) during Early Access? Try these workarounds

After a long wait, Diablo 4 is finally starting to be available to the public. A few months ago, there was a beta that allowed several to experience the game for the first time.

Currently, only those players who have purchased the ‘Digital Deluxe’ or ‘Ultimate’ Editions can enjoy a 4-day Early Access.


That said, many Diablo 4 players who purchased those editions are currently unable to enjoy it since the ‘Play’ button is not clickable or is grayed out for them.

Diablo 4 ‘Play’ button not clickable or grayed out

Multiple reports indicate that the game currently won’t start for many players due to this issue. When they try to press the ‘Play’ button from the launcher, nothing happens, as if it were blocked.

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PC I bought ultimate edition game wont launch!?

I bought the ultimate edition and i can not get into the game? the play button on the launcher wont let me press it!?

Same issue with Digital Deluxe version here purchased in March. Tried the region swap, the reboot, unistalled Battlenet client. Nada.

It seems that the game is not correctly recognizing that players bought the Diablo 4 ‘Digital Deluxe’ or ‘Ultimate’ Edition, so it won’t let them enjoy Early Access.

Same issue with Ultimate. Play button is grayed out and it says “Expected release by: 6/6/23”. I paid $99 day 1 and played both betas. Any fix for this? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Battlenet following the guide where you delete the folders etc. You can’t submit a ticket because there is no “tracert” info for Diablo IV on the support pages.

Potential workarounds and official word

That said, there are a couple of potential workarounds that could help you. First, you can try the following:

Change the battle.net application’s region. To do this, click your BattleTag in the top right, choose “Log Out” then use the settings cogwheel above your username blank to change to a different region and log back in. This refreshes the application’s cache and should fix the problem.
That Worked for me try it

The second workaround is to check that your antivirus (if you have one) is not blocking the launch of the game.

I also had this issue. Here is what worked for me.

Avira Antivirus is blocking the launch. I disabled real-time protection for 10 minutes and the game now launches. May also be other anti-virus affected as I saw previous posts that were similar during the server slam.

The Blizzard support team responded to the reports by offering some tips to affected players. However, in case the tips don’t work, the only solution they offer for now is to submit support tickets.


So, although it seems that they are aware of the issue, they did not specify if they are working on a fix. You can submit a support ticket through this link.

We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

Featured Image: Blizzard

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