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Gboard, Google’s popular virtual keyboard for Android devices, has recently received an update to version 12.3 that brings forth a new layout for tablets.

The new design aims to enhance the typing experience on larger screens, making it feel less like a stretched-out phone keyboard.

Gboard new layout for tablets

However, the introduction of this new Gboard layout has sparked mixed reactions among tablet users, particularly those accustomed to the previous keyboard configuration (1,2).

Gboard new layout for tablets
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One of the primary concerns voiced by users is that the tablet layout has disrupted their muscle memory, leading to an increase in typographical errors.

Users who have become accustomed to the traditional phone layout may find themselves making more mistakes due to the new arrangement of keys.

It takes time and practice to adapt to a different layout, and the transition can be frustrating for users who rely on their tablets for extensive typing.

A couple weeks ago, Google forced a layout change that moved keys and added a redundant Caps Lock to English Qwerty tablet Gboards, making it a nightmare for everyone with muscle memory.

I was just logging into my tablet and noticed that a few buttons were added to my gboard. A capslock, arrow keys and maybe a tab? I couldn’t figure out how to revert back to the original layout and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this?

Another issue that has sparked discontent among some tab users is the placement of the Caps Lock keys on the left side on top of the up arrow key.

Users question the necessity of having two caps lock buttons in such close proximity, as it increases the chances of mistakenly activating caps lock when it is not intended.

The caps lock button position is so bad. I had to switch to a different keyboard (swift). Good job Google “fixing” something that’s not broken.

Some users have expressed their desire for more customization options, suggesting that Google should offer different keyboard layout choices rather than imposing a single design on all users.

By providing options to switch between different new or the traditional layout, users would have the flexibility to select a keyboard configuration that aligns with their preferences and typing habits.

How to revert to old layout

Fortunately, we have come across a potential way to revert back to the old layout. Firstly, ‘Clean all data’ for the Gboard app:

1. Go to Settings – Applications – Google Play Services
2. Now go to Memory – Clear Memory.
3. In new panel where you’ll see 3 buttons tap on the last/bottom one to “Clean all data”
4. After that Gboard should switch itself to the old UI

Note If the old layout comes back after few days, don’t worry and just repeat these steps.

It is essential for developers to listen to user feedback and address the concerns raised by the community. So, we hope Google will act soon.

Having said that, we’ll continuously monitor this topic and update this article to reflect noteworthy information.

Update 1 (May 31, 2023)

05:26 pm (IST): According to some users (1, 2), Gboard v12.4.05.482060964 is the latest version that features the classic layout.

So, you can look for that version in reliable repositories (like APK Mirror) and install it like another potential workaround. After that, uncheck ‘Automatic Updates’ only for Gboard from the Play Store.

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