[Updated] Destiny 2 'crashing when opening Commendations page in Journeys tab' issue gets acknowledged (workaround inside)

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Original story (published on March 2, 2023) follows:

Destiny 2 recently got version update, which introduces some bug fixes to known issues and some gameplay balances.

For instance, it fixed a bug that caused the Competitive intro quest to claim the completion reward automatically.

The patch also addressed an issue in Heist Battleground: Europa in which a heavy ammunition container could respawn for quarantined players.


However, despite the update, some are experiencing issues with the game.

Destiny 2 crashing when opening Commendations page in Journeys tab

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple players are experiencing crashing issues while trying to view the Commendations in the game.

Commendations are given to Guardians for their achievements and collaboration talents while playing the game, and they may be given to and received from other players.

These can be found in the Journey menu of the game’s pause screen, and you can view the ones you’ve gotten as well as the ones you’ve given to other people.

It is alleged that opening the Commendations page in the Journeys tab will eventually crash or freeze the game. The issue has popped up recently and affects users across multiple platforms.


@BungieHelp when I open up commendations tab in the journey section it seems to crash my game every time. I’m on PS5.

By the way on xbox at least, if you try to access the commendations tab it freezes your game.

Windows PC owners are also facing similar issues as well, and now they want developers to fix the issue as quick as possible.

Official acknowledgment

To their delight, Bungie Help has officially acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating it. They have recommended that gamers do not view the Commendations screen for the time being.

However, no official ETA has been provided for the fix.


Potential workaround

Fortunately, we did come across a temporary workaround for the problem. A Redditor suggests that you view Commendations on the app instead of the game.

Alternatively, players can try restarting the game for a potential fix.


We will be monitoring the issue where Destiny 2 keeps crashing on opening the Commendations page and update the article as and when something noteworthy comes up.

Update 1 (March 8, 2023)

09:49 am (IST): Some Destiny 2 players are now reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that the game is crashing for them during vex incursion event.

Also, Bungie support has acknowledged the issue where Nimbus’ Weekly Bounty and Vex Incursion Countermeasures are not resetting for some players at the Weekly Reset.

Update 2 (March 20, 2023)

03:33 pm (IST): Some Destiny 2 players are again reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) crashing issues with the game. While some players report general crashes, others point out that the game crashes when opening Commendation screen.

This problem has been there for quite some time now and it persists for some players even after the most recent hotfix update. Furthermore, it seems to be affecting players on PS5 and Xbox.

And although the support team confirmed that the crashing issue is being investigated a few days ago, there’s no follow up yet.

Update 3 (May 31, 2023)

06:00 pm (IST): A bug has surfaced within the game, leading to the commendations screen failing to load after the conclusion of a match (1,2,3,4,5).

This technical issue prevents players from accessing the interface to provide commendations to their teammates, leading to widespread frustration and disappointment among the player community.

Consequently, players are denied the opportunity to acknowledge and reward their fellow Guardians, impeding their overall progression in the game.

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Featured image: Bungie

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