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Original story (published on March 14, 2023) follows:

AI has become the talk of the town ever since Open AI introduced Chat GPT. Likewise, Character AI is another tool that uses AI to complete certain tasks.

To be precise, it’s a neural language model chatbot that is capable of generating human-like text responses. Users can create their characters, craft their personalities, set parameters, and chat with others.


However, it appears that the service is currently down or not working for a section of users. So, in case, Character.ai is currently inaccessible to you, then find consolation in knowing that you aren’t the only one facing problems.

A quick look at the micro-blogging site Twitter conveys there are many others affected by the same issue. As per reports, users say that the website isn’t working or is broken for them.

For a quick glance, here’s how some of the complainants word the problem:


Bro Ai Character Beta is down 😭😭 Now I gotta use f’ing ChatGPT to make up my Fantasy stories 😭 It sucks too because I just found a loop-hole around the website and now I can have You-Know-What with any character 💀 (Source)

maaaaaaannnn character ai down. I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FIRST AND BEST TANYNO/CYNIA RP. (Source)

character ai is down. what am i supposed to do now that i can’t talk to my silly little criminals, huh? (Source)

Any official word on the matter? Negative, as yet. We’re yet to locate a word from the official service channels or their social media handles.

But it turns out that the service is down for maintenance, which means it won’t be inaccessible for a long time and will be back up as soon as the maintenance is completed.

Rest assured, we’re keeping a continuous tab on all related developments, and will update this page with relevant info as and when we come across any.

So in case you’re encountering the problem discussed here, stay hooked to PiunikaWeb for further updates.

Update 1 (March 15, 2023)

01:56 pm (IST): The recent outage with Character AI appears to have been resolved as there aren’t any widespread reports concerning the same.

Update 2 (April 7, 2023)

12:19 pm (IST): Multiple reports indicate that Character AI servers are down or not working again (1, 2, 3).

02:20 pm (IST): Character AI service seems to be working properly again, since no new reports related to outage have surfaced in a couple of hours.

Update 3 (April 14, 2023)

09:08 am (IST): Several users have taken to Twitter (1, 2, 3) to report that Character AI is currently down or not working for them.

06:05 pm (IST): The recent outage with Character.AI has now been resolved.

Update 4 (April 17, 2023)

09:53 am (IST): Character AI server are again in the middle of an outage according to recent reports (1, 2).

01:18 pm (IST): Users report (1,2,3,4,5,6) that they are unable to send messages and that reloading the web page sends them to the waiting room.

Update 5 (April 18, 2023)

05:31 pm (IST): Character AI servers are already working correctly.

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated outage section, so be sure to follow them as well.

Update 6 (April 24, 2023)

08:44 am (IST): Multiple reports indicate that Character AI has been down for at least a couple of hours (1, 2, 3).

Update 7 (April 25, 2023)

12:45 pm (IST): The recent outage with Character.AI due to a maintenance break has now been resolved.

Update 8 (April 27, 2023)

10:45 am (IST): According to fresh reports (1,2,3), it seems that Character.AI is currently experiencing a server-related outage.

12:50 pm (IST): Fresh reports (1,2) suggest that the recent outage has now resolved.

Update 9 (May 4, 2023)

05:38 pm (IST): Character.AI will be unavailable from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

You will be able to access the site for the first few hours following maintenance, but you may encounter latency difficulties and excessive wait times.

Update 10 (May 5, 2023)

08:45 am (IST): An overload on the Character AI servers is causing some users to wait in a queue.

Update 11 (May 6, 2023)

02:05 pm (IST): Character.AI is currently down and not working and throwing a 500 Internal Error message according to reports (1,2,3,4). There’s no official word on the matter yet.

Update 12 (May 8, 2023)

08:50 am (IST): It seems that the latest CharacterAI outage still persists from Friday, being down for over 40 hours so far (1, 2).

The support team has acknowledged the issue and is working on resolving it.

Update 13 (May 9, 2023)

04:00 pm (IST): Fresh reports indicate that the latest Character AI outage had been fixed, but now the service is down again (1, 2, 3).

Update 14 (May 10, 2023)

07:33 am (IST): Character.AI now displays a message indicating that the service is undergoing some issues due to the high load on the servers. It’s unclear how long it’ll take for a fix to arrive.


08:30 am (IST): The brief outage was acknowledged on by the Character.AI staff on Reddit.


Update 15 (May 11, 2023)

10:41 am (IST): Character.AI users are encountering some issue when accessing the service as servers are down or not working (1,2,3,4,5).

Update 16 (May 12, 2023)

08:16 am (IST): Some Character AI users are currently experiencing issues with the service (1, 2).

06:30 pm (IST): The recent outage has been resolved.

Update 17 (May 17, 2023)

01:44 pm (IST): The website is currently down and not working according to multiple reports (1,2,3,4,5) on Twitter.

05:30 pm (IST): The outage has been resolved.

Update 18 (May 30, 2023)

08:27 am (IST): Character AI users report that the service has been down for a few minutes (1, 2).

01:00 pm (IST): It seems that the service is already working correctly again.

Featured image source – Character.ai

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