Vinted removes PayPal support to spark concerns over potential rise in scams

The online community and marketplace Vinted allows users to buy, sell, and trade used clothing and accessories. It enables people to list goods they no longer need, and other users may peruse these listings and buy them.

To help with transactions between buyers and sellers on the platform, Vinted provides a number of payment options. With an integrated payment method being the primary mode.


PayPal is a different payment option that Vinted provided in some nations until now. Sadly, this will not be the case anymore.

Vinted removed PayPal support

Apparently, as of May 25, Vinted started informing its users that PayPal is no longer a supported mode of payment. However, based on the reports, not everyone is happy with this decision.

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How does @vinted no longer accept #PayPal ?? It’s dead, I won’t use it anymore, I already bought very little…

Vinted withdrawing PayPal payments….. Byyyyye purchases on Vinted! It’s good they found themselves how to sink their box, nice performance.

If you go through the reports (1,2,3,4), you will notice that majority of them are in French.

So it’s a possibility that the withdrawal of PayPal support from Vinted is limited to France. But this could also mean that other nations might follow soon.

According to a French publication, Vinted stated that “Unfortunately, we no longer support payments via PayPal. We invite you to use one of our other payment methods to pay for your order”.

While it has been made official by Vinted, users are still in disbelief. Some are now even talking about quitting the platform for good.

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What is being overlooked?

It’s worth noting that this move has only aggravated users’ concerns over the potential rise in scams. As a result, they are now asking the team to suggest them a secure payment method.

Give an alternative to Vinted please. Without PayPal I don’t trust it, it was the only way to be almost sure to get my money back in case of a scam…

So far, no comment has been made by Vinted officially. However, a report claims that the platform suggests using Apple Pay or a Credit card instead of PayPal.

The second-hand clothing sales platform therefore now offers its users to “continue to pay without interruption” to use Apple Pay or enter their credit card. It could not be easier. You have to go to your profile settings, in the payments section then “Add a card”.

But the second-hand clothing sales platform is forgetting that Apple Pay is not accessible to Android users.

Moreover, it is really alarming for users to add their Credit Card information on a website instead of just using PayPal.

It was even possible to pay in multiple installments via PayPal on Vinted, which allowed you to avoid some scams. But with PayPal gone, it’ll only be a defence against fraud that is already breaking down.

Do we know why @vinted stops @PayPal suddenly? Wild cancellations / refunds from dissatisfied payers? Too much pay? In addition to a third of “trust”, it is also the possibility of payment in installments that disappears… cc @reesmarc

So, with this, we hope that Vinted takes care of these concerns and considers reinstating PayPal support. We’ll follow up on these concerns and update this article accordingly.

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