PSA: Typing 'rash' in Safari after macOS 13.4 Ventura update reportedly crashes the browser

macOS 13.4 Ventura arrived about a week ago as the latest OS update for Apple computers. However, it seems that users have already found some bugs that will require a fix.

For instance, multiple macOS 13.4 Ventura users are currently facing a strange issue where Safari is crashing after typing “rash” in the search bar.

Safari browser is crashing on macOS 13.4 Ventura after typing ‘rash’

On Reddit, a macOS 13.4 Ventura user posted a video showing Safari browser instantly crashing after typing ‘rash’. It is unknown how the user made the discovery.

That said, other people confirmed the bug by typing the same thing into the Safari search bar. So, this doesn’t seem to be an occasional glitch, but something that will occur almost always once executing that action.


Here’s a weird Safari bug with #macOS #Ventura 13.4 – type “rash” (without quotes) and Safari will crash. Source

Apple introduced a strange bug starting in Safari 16.4 alongside Ventura 13.3, released on May 1st

In Safari type ‘rash’ in the address bar.. 💥 crash

Bug also affects Safari versions from 16.4-16.5 on Big Sur & Monterey. Reported feedback = FB12200352

Interestingly, it seems that the bug affects some languages in particular (like English). A user points out that it doesn’t happen on a MacBook whose language is set to Portuguese.


According to another user, a similar bug was present years ago in an older version of macOS. In that case, the crash occurred not only in Safari but even in Spotlight search.

lovely its the “File:///” glitch all over again. I remember a few years back I found that spotlight or safari would also crash with a random word typed in it… It was something like Ohio, or orthography, or opening… some sort of o word I feel like.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, there’s a potential workaround that reportedly helps to fix the issue. Basically, you just have to uncheck the ‘Include Safari Suggestions’ in the browser settings:


There is still no official word on this curious issue from Apple, so it is unknown when an official fix will arrive. However, one user points out that the bug is present even in macOS 13.5 beta.

never mind crashed 13.5 beta too 😀

We will update this article as events unfold in the future.

NOTE: You can also check the macOS 13 bugs/issues tracker.

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