When Blizzard first unveiled Overwatch 2, fans were ecstatic about the prospect of exploring new PvE campaign modes alongside the game’s traditional competitive features.

During the announcement at BlizzCon 2019, former game director Jeff Kaplan introduced hero missions and story missions as the core PvE elements in Overwatch 2.

Hero missions were intended to provide players with engaging cooperative gameplay, allowing them to team up against AI-controlled adversaries.

Overwatch 2 PvE Hero mode cancellation

However, Blizzard recently announced the cancellation of the PvE Hero mode, leaving several Overwatch 2 players disheartened and frustrated.

This unexpected news has stirred up angry reactions within the Overwatch community, with some expressing their disappointment and others even contemplating leaving the game altogether (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Overwatch 2 PvE mode

Players who invested time and resources into the first game feel let down, as they believe Blizzard neglected providing new content for Overwatch in favor of working on the sequel.

The allure of Overwatch 2 for several players was primarily centered around the promised PvE mode, and the removal of this feature has left them feeling cheated.

Players believe that developers promised them a false dawn, and as a result, they have little faith in what they say going forward.

I. Do NOT. Care. About your one off PVE missions. I wanted a replayable PvE mode and waited FOUR. DAMN. YEARS. And you cut us off. Just like that. Its not enough.

The selling point behind the game no longer exists. The game no longer has a point to exist, outside of the egregious monetization shift. It is a meaningless drain upon the public sphere that serves only to line your employer’s wallets.

Adding to the community’s frustrations, some players have voiced their dissatisfaction with the monetization strategy employed in Overwatch 2.

Some previously free skins from the original game were monetized in the sequel, leaving players who had already earned them feeling slighted.

These players are now demanding refunds for the skins they feel they should not have been charged for, further fueling the sense of betrayal and disappointment within the community (1,2,3,4,5).

I literally only did the BPs and bought skins that I wanted so I can use them for PVE, I dislike the pvp and went throught it thinking the PVE update will happen eventually. I want a refund on all my BPs, skins, etc.

The cancellation of hero mode has created a perception among some players that Overwatch 2 offers few substantial differences from its predecessor (1,2,3).

Overwatch 2 is same

This lack of significant new features has pushed some players to the breaking point, causing them to abandon the title entirely (1,2,3).

While Overwatch has had a dedicated and passionate player base, the removal of the highly anticipated PvE mode has prompted a wave of departures that could potentially impact the game’s future.

I took a nap (AKA wound up sleeping all day) and I see Overwatch 2, scrapped PvE. Unless their Season 6 Story missions are entertaining, I think I might be done with the game. The PvE was what I was looking forward to. That is a bummer.

Jared Neuss, Executive Producer, said that while they made the decision to scrap this mode, a lot of PvE content is coming this year, including Big story missions, new cinematics, co-op events and single player Hero Mastery missions.

Overwatch 2 Jared Neuss
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As Blizzard navigates the fallout and addresses player concerns, it remains to be seen how this setback will impact the success and longevity of Overwatch 2.

Note: We have a dedicated issues/bugs tracker for Overwatch 2, so make sure to follow that as well.

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