If you’re a fan of manga and anime in general, you’ve probably heard of MyAnimeList. It is also likely that you have heard about the recent hack of the platform, which is why it is currently down indefinitely.

Many fans used the platform to follow their favorite anime or share likes with others. Therefore, the hack was very bad news as they lost access to all their accumulated content and ongoing discussions.


However, if you are looking for a viable alternative to MyAnimeList, here are some options that you might like.

If you are looking for an alternative to MyAnimeList, you could find it here

There is still no confirmation on when MyAnimeList website will be available again. So, fans have begun to look for an alternative in case the platform never returns.

Alternatives can be useful even if MyAnimeList returns. After all, a hack usually generates security concerns among users.

That said, we’ll now take a look at some of the more popular alternatives that can fill a similar role. Each option offers some differentiating factor that makes it shine by itself.


Let’s start with Anilist, a platform whose purpose and function is quite similar to MyAnimeList. It allows you to discover new anime, create lists and participate in discussions with the community.


In addition, this alternative boasts of being highly customizable since it allows you to change aspects such as the scoring system, the format of the titles, and even the general color scheme of the UI.

But that’s not all, as Anilist also allows you to import most of your data from MyAnimeList for easy migration. For this, you must have a backup exported from MyAnimeList first.


Kitsu is another alternative that is gaining more and more popularity. Like the previous option, Kitsu allows you to explore and discover new anime, participate in communities, and more.


However, this alternative is open source, which means that its code is constantly being monitored by the community to detect any problems or potential security breaches.

Since MyAnimeList is currently down due to a hack, Kitsu emerges as an option where security and reliability seem to be a differential factor.


Anime-Planet also serves as a viable alternative to MyAnimeList. In the same way, the traditional options of creating lists, discovering or following anime, and discussing with the community are present.


But the main differential aspect of Anime-Planet is that it allows you to watch anime online in a totally legal way, which makes it unique compared to others.

We will update this story if more viable MyAnimeList alternatives emerge in the future.

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