The popularity of AI-based tools has grown enormously in the last few months. The capabilities of services like ChatGPT have made more and more people pay attention to them.

A niche that has become increasingly popular are tools that can imitate a particular character, allowing you to have conversations with them. One of the main ones currently is Character.AI.


Now, it has been officially confirmed that the platform will receive the ‘Character.AI+’ paid tier with additional features, but it seems that users are not happy with the alleged advantages.

Character.AI+ $9.99 price not worth it for skipping waiting room according to users

‘Character.AI+’ monthly subscription will be priced at $9.99 and those who pay can enjoy the following benefits:


However, users consider the supposed ‘advantages’ of the monthly subscription insufficient since, in reality, they seem like basic features that should be implemented as standard.

As Character.AI has become more popular, users have been constantly experiencing issues. For instance, outages are becoming more frequent, and the ‘500 Internal Server‘ error is now a ‘classic’.

To try to reduce these problems, the dev team implemented some measures for when there is server overload. For instance, there are users who are sent to a ‘waiting room’.


Also, sometimes the speed of the AI bot’s responses will feel slower than normal. These types of situations are what one would expect developers to fix as a routine job.

But Character.AI+ monthly subscription includes among its advantages ‘Skip the waiting room’ and ‘Faster response times’.

Only those users who pay will be able to enjoy a functional service

So, it seems that Character.AI has no intention of fixing those issues for all, and only those who pay will be able to enjoy a functional bug-free service, which is a bummer.

Of course, this is not going unnoticed among users. They are taking to social platforms like Reddit and Twitter to express their disappointment with the new monthly subscription.


This is a short little vent-

As a new user of character ai and looking at this subreddit…. This is lowkey like…bad marketing for the devs…

As of earlier, a couple of hours ago they’re charging 9.99, basically 10 dollars, dabloons, buckaroos a month for the absolute BARE MINIUM SHIT. If it was 1,2 or 5 dollars I could understand but 10?! If you’re a person that actually brought that horse shit you are dumb as hell 💀

People, don’t pay for Character ai +, I don’t want to wait any longer just because people paid for it to skip the waiting room 😭

Several people feel that instead of offering new features that are truly worthwhile, the dev team is charging for offering the minimum expected of a service: that it works well most of the time.

The possibility of a paid subscription for Character.AI has been discussed for a long time among users. However, they did suggest valuable features like a NSFW toggle that would allow them to disable the filters.

Sadly, user expectations fell far short of reality. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s possible that the actual Character.AI+ $9.99 price is actually a ‘temporary deal’.

A user shared a screenshot showing that the normal price of the subscription could be $20. That is, basically you will have to pay that amount monthly if you want a service that just works.


Only time will tell if the Character.AI team gets feedback from the users and makes some tweaks to the subscription to make it more valuable.

We will update this story once relevant new developments emerge.

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