Google Pixel 7a trade-in deals leave some disappointed

The Google Pixel 7a arrived as the company’s latest ‘mid-range’ phone. While the device is the most affordable in the family, it’s loaded with power and its cameras have high potential.

The Pixel 7a costs $499 boasting the same Tensor G2 chipset as its bigger brothers, which seems like an attractive deal. However, there are also trade-in options available.


That said, it seems potential Google Pixel 7a buyers are a bit disappointed as current trade-in deals look noticeably less attractive compared to previous models.

Google Pixel 7a trade-in deals well below expectations

It seems that this time the Google Pixel 7a trade-in deals are not so generous. In fact, even the higher-end Pixel 7 Pro offers a paltry credit if you use it to buy the new 7a.

For instance, current Pixel 6a owners are only getting about $130 of trade-in credit. This is remarkably low considering it’s the immediately previous generation.


The situation gets even worse when we talk about older Pixel phones. For example, Google is offering just $50 trade-in credit to Pixel 4a users who want to upgrade to the new Pixel 7a.

Good God, the trade-in values for the Pixel 7a are absolutely PATHETIC. $50 for my Pixel 4a? Lmao. My wife’s Pixel 3a was $300 trade-in last year for the Pixel 6a. Very odd choice, Google. This just solidifies my resolve to wait for Black Friday deals and compare P7a with P8.

The situation becomes relatively funny with users who, for one reason or another, want to trade in their high-end Pixel 7 Pro for the 7a, but are only getting $380 of credit.

The trade-in value for the #Pixel7Pro to get the #Pixel7a is $380… 💀 #TeamPixel

Trade-in deals for the Pixel 6a (and others) were much more attractive

User complaints seem justified since the Google Pixel 6a trade-in deals were noticeably more attractive in their day.

For instance, several people took advantage of an incredible trade-in deal where Google offered about $300 credit to those who gave their old Pixel 3a XL for a Pixel 6a.


Pixel 6a trade-in offer update

Traded in two Pixel 3a devices. One had a cracked screen. Got $300 for each device back to credit card. 👍

Trade-in options for Pixel 6a

Hello, I have a Google Pixel 3a XL right now and noticed they were having an awesome $300 deal for trading in my Pixel 3a XL, so the phone would only be $150 2 days ago

So, it is normal that the current Google Pixel 7a trade-in deals look disappointing when in previous years users received $300 credit even for old devices with physical damage.

The offers pale even when compared to those of more modern models. For instance, those interested in getting a Pixel 7 (Vanilla) via trade-in can receive up to a $220 credit for an old Pixel 4.


The reason for the unattractive Pixel 7a trade-in deals is unknown. Perhaps Google believes that the new device already has a fairly affordable price for everything it offers, although this is just speculation.

We will be monitoring the situation to update this story once new related developments emerge.

Featured Image: Google Store

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