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Popular for its beautiful domed design and Wear OS, the Google Pixel Watch is a personal preference for some people. It promotes a healthier lifestyle, gives them a style edge, and serves other purposes for them.

While there are various features that make the watch stand out, it is not uncommon for users to face bugs and issues with such gadgets.

In that light, we also have a tracker that is dedicated to the bugs, issues, and new features of the Google Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch battery drain

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7), some users are experiencing battery drain issues with their Pixel Watch. This can be frustrating and makes the watch unreliable for daily use.

Barely making it through the day. I usually have less than 10% remaining by charging at night. One exercise routine and I’ve turned off most notifications except Gmail and text.

Poor battery life and “account action requried”
The battery on the watch doesn’t last 14 hours. I have turned off LTE, turned off GPS, turned off wifi, turned off always on display. I just have the tilt-to-wake. If I turn on all of the above, I get 4-5 hours of battery life.

The issue can be a product of multiple reasons and appears to have started after the recent patch. Frustrated users have taken to social media and forums to voice their concerns and seek a solution.

Potential workarounds

One potential cause of battery drain on the Pixel Watch can be the ‘Hey Google’ feature. It lets users activate the Google Assistant on the watch by saying the hotword.

However, some users have found that this feature can drain the battery even when not in use. To address this issue, some users have turned off Assistant’s auto-listening abilities and enabled ‘Always on Display’ instead.

Pixel Watch battery drain
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This might help to conserve battery power while still allowing users to access Google Assistant, albeit through pressing and holding the side button next to the crown.

Another potential cause of battery drain can be the incessant app notifications from some apps. Consequently, some suggest turning off the notifications in an attempt to conserve battery power.

You can also disable unnecessary app notifications from the phone for further battery savings.

Some users have also reported that keeping Wi-Fi on even when not in use can lead to increased battery drain. Granted, you can turn it off to see if it helps.

Google pixel battery

In addition to these, some users have also reported that leaving the watch charging up to 30 minutes after it hits 100% might as well potentially solve the problem.

Leave it on the charger for about 30 minutes after it hits 100% and it should be on 100% for at least half an hour

It’s worth noting that not all users have experienced significant battery drain issues with the Pixel Watch. Some users have reported very good battery life on their watch, even with heavy use.

good reviews pixel watch battery

Users should keep in mind that battery life can vary depending on the usage, which explains why not all users have experienced significant battery drain issues with their Pixel Watch.

That being said, Google has not yet acknowledged the issue even after multiple reports on the same. We hope they take note of it and provide a solution to the ones affected.

Until then, keep tabs on this story as we will update it with further developments, if any.

Update 1 (May 01, 2023)

02:20 pm (IST): According to reports, the battery drain issue has popped up for some Pixel Watch users (1,2,3) again after the April update.

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