YouTube has been testing new UI changes which have sparked a wave of criticism from some users.

The platform has added a new ‘horizontal playlist scrolling’ feature, which deviates from the mobile app’s conventional vertical scrolling. It appears to be unpopular among users.

On top of that there seems to be an issue with the ‘Liked videos’.

YouTube ‘Liked videos’ missing

According to several reports, some users have noticed that their ‘Liked videos’ playlist is missing or disappeared from their Library on the YouTube mobile app.

YouTube Liked videos missing
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The ‘Liked videos’ playlist is useful for users who want to rewatch their favorite videos, share them with others, or find related content.

However, some users have reported that they can no longer see their ‘Liked videos’ playlist on their YouTube mobile app, either on Android or iOS devices.

According to users, when they open their Library section on the app, they only see other playlists that they have created or subscribed to, but not the ‘Liked videos’ playlist.

This issue has caused frustration and confusion among many YouTube users who rely on the ‘Liked videos’ playlist to save and organize their favorite videos.

@TeamYouTube Recently, whenever I go to my ‘library’ only recently watched videos show up. Not showing videos I liked. This happens randomly but has been going on for about a month. (Android user)

No I’m talking about the videos that I liked, I also checked my brother’s phone and there is no longer the liked video category.

What’s happening is that the new UI is causing a blending of liked videos with other custom playlists, which means that users can navigate through their playlists to locate the ‘liked videos’ tab (1,2).

Luckily, YouTube support didn’t take too long to acknowledge this issue and they have confirmed that the team is working to resolve it as soon as possible. However, there’s no ETA for the fix.

if this is about the missing *liked videos* playlist, then we’re looking into this rn. lmk if you mean something else

New ‘horizontal playlist scrolling’

The new ‘horizontal playlist scrolling’ on the mobile app has also been met with backlash from some users who find it annoying and inconsistent with the rest of the app’s navigation.

YouTube new horizontal playlist scrolling
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Some users have complained that the horizontal playlist scrolling interferes with the normal vertical scrolling of the app and is too sensitive.

While others say that it makes it hard to see the video titles and thumbnails.

A few have questioned YouTube’s decision-making in the process as everyone was quite content with the vertical scrolling so there was no need to change it.

I woke up this morning, went onto YouTube on my iPhone, clicked library, and all my playlists are now displayed horizontally, instead of vertically.This looks absolutely awful. There’s no way anyone with any reasoning whatsoever, actually agreed to this monstrosity.

Randomly got this layout woth playlists left to right on the Library tab, I hate it. Any way to change it back?

There is a potential method that could address the problem before the official fix arrives. Basically, you can uninstall app updates or sideload an older version since the change seems to be quite recent.

The new YouTube layout on the desktop site has met with backlash as well.

That being said, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb to know if and when there are any further developments regarding the issue.

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