Outdoing the likes of TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat, a recently launched shopping app became the most downloaded free app on both the App Store and Google Play Store for much of the last two months.

Temu provides substantial discounts on a wide range of items, the majority of which are sent straight from Chinese manufacturers or warehouses.

Temu apps Shop like a billionaire ad

It’s popularity can undoubtedly be attributed to its approach of giving away free goods to users who promote the app on social media and get friends and family to sign up.

Temu app’s ‘Shop like a billionaire’ ad

The Temu app is presently hosting a ‘Shop like a billionaire’ ad campaign, which has not gone down well (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).


The advertisement shows a young woman using the Temu app to purchase clothing and accessories. She then goes throughout the town buying clothing for everyone.

The advertisement concludes with the tagline ‘Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire’.

However, some users feel that if you have to spend billions convincing people to buy your product, then that’s money that didn’t go into making a good product.

They also point out that the ad does not reflect the reality of most Temu users, who are not billionaires or aspiring to be one.

Let’s stop Temu, we let an Amazon exist.. lets not let another. “Shop like a billionaire” is a stupid slogan and really shows why we should boycott.. lets be done with the China made products you don’t need.

the “shop like a billionaire” tag line for temu is was chilling to hear.. why would anyone strive for that level on consumption.

Users claim to have seen this ad appear on numerous platforms, even after trying to block it. The ad was also shown during the Super Bowl, which added to its popularity.

A few have even criticized the ad in itself as they claim that it promotes consumerism, materialism, and elitism.

Temu is a ‘sister company’ to Chinese e-commerce behemoth Pinduoduo, which has been offering similar discounts in China for several years. As a result, people are concerned about their privacy.

Just like any other apps from china, the app will probably spy on you. It’s also quite possible that spying is the a big part of the drive instead of profitability, and hence why they’re pushing ads and deals like crazy.

As a whole, the Temu app’s ‘Shop like a billionaire’ ad has generated quite a commotion among users, with credibility, brand morality, and overall volume being an annoyance.

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Featured and inline image source: Temu.

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