XDefiant players report severe desync issues in Closed Beta, here's what Ubisoft says

Here’s the crux of the video in video form:

Ubisoft will make a new bet in the free-to-play games segment with XDefiant, an FPS part of the acclaimed Tom Clancy’s franchise.

XDefiant is a much more ‘arcade’ and frenetic game compared to the more serious Rainbow Six saga. This is clearly noticeable in its general graphic aspect and in the look of its characters.


That said, players who have gotten access to the latest XDefiant Closed Beta are reporting severe desync issues that have a huge impact on gameplay.

XDefiant severe desync issues in Closed Beta

It is noteworthy that initial testing of the game began in 2021 but limited to Canada and the USA. At that time, players ran into issues like the ‘ECHO’ error message.


Now, the Closed Beta is already accessible to more players around the world, but it seems that there is still a lot of work ahead.

Currently, several XDefiant players are struggling with desync issues, which can make the game unplayable at times since what is happening on the screen does not correspond with what the game registers.


I like the game, desync is atrocious though…I will blatantly die around corners, people will shoot me before peeking a wall, players will be looking a different direction and bullets are still hitting me. I feel it in every match while my ping sits at 20. Pretty frustrating issues.

The gunplay feels smooth and fun. However, due to them not adding the 60hz servers in this beta there’s bad net code and desync issues that sadly will turn away players from playing the game at launch.

‘Desync’ is an issue where player commands are not reflected in real time. This produces effects such as a delay in actions after pressing a button, or ‘broken’ hitboxes/hit registration.

Here’s what Ubisoft says

Fortunately, the Ubisoft team is already aware of the issue and investigating. Currently, the company is collecting all possible information from players feedback to work on a fix.

Hey Rukus! We are looking into this desync issue that some players are experiencing and we would like to collect more info. To check, can you let us know which platform you’re playing on? Also, do you experience high ping when you see this desync occur?

There is currently no ETA for the issue to be resolved. However, let’s hope it doesn’t take long since it’s negatively impacting key aspects of the game.

We will update this story as events unfold.

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