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Parler — the controversial social media platform — aims to take on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and apps by claiming to encourage and support free speech.

So far, things haven’t been going well for Parler since the app was banished from the App Store and Google Play Store and even lost its AWS hosting due to violent threats that were made on the platform earlier this year.

That said, after roughly a month of downtime, Parler came online again in February. Although the app still isn’t listed on the Play Store and App Store.

However, it now seems that Parler has been taken offline again as the app and website are not working or down. Users have taken to Twitter (oh boy, the irony) to seek more information regarding the situation.


Parler is off, not working, Twitter banned me. I don’t like FB (Source)

Any body know why Parler is not working? (Source)

Anybody know what happened to Parler, ? not working! (Source)

Users who are trying to visit the Parler website are being served a notice stating that “the team is hard at work, tidying up, and bringing you some cool changes…”


Parler — on Twitter — did confirm that they’re working on some enhancements to the core system and that the website should be online by 7 am PST.


In a follow-up tweet, Parler claimed they’ll be up in 2 hours, however, it has been several hours and the site remains inaccessible.

UPDATE: The tech team is saying we might be offline for up to 2 more hours, until 9 am PT #parler (Source)

While it’s clear that the Parler app and website are down due to maintenance, information coming from Candace Owens suggests that Parler will be getting a brand new app next week.


This could be the reason why Parler is down and not working at the moment as they’re getting set to release the brand new app.

As usual, we’ll post an update if and when there are any further developments regarding the status of Parler.

Update 1 (May 07)

Even after hours, Parler still continues to throw the same notification. Looks like users will have to wait more.

Update 3 (May 08)

The site is back up.

Update 4 (May 08)

Apparently, things are broken again as Parler is now throwing an error stating – you are logged out

Update 5 (May 09)

The site is now up and running.

Update 6 (May 10)

Going by user reports dated today, many are still not able to access Parler for some reason.

Has Parler been taken down again??

So is Parler down again? Haven’t been able to get on for a couple of days

Update 7 (May 11)

If user reports are to go by Parler continues to remain offline for many. While there is no status update from their team on Twitter, here are some of the alternatives that you can try hands-on:

CloutHub: Social Media Done Right

Update 8 (May 13)

The team Parler has tweaked the message on the website which may explain why some users are still complaining. They say:

The team at Parler is hard at work creating a great new experience for our users. Give us a bit of time and you’ll soon notice some great upgrades.

Join today and start enjoying social media the way you always wanted it to be.

Update 9 (May 14)

Latest reports from users suggest that while some of them are able to access the service through the Parler website, for others even the website is completely broken.

Update 10 (May 15)

Parlor, the app with an “o” instead of “e,” received a surge in downloads a few months back, when Google and Apple closed the doors for the actual Parler app.

Going by what a user claims, Parlor is the back door Parler and it takes you to the actual app after login. Here’s what the user says:

Is it the old app or the new app? The new app is called Parlor, but has the back-door feature

Parlor is a back door to Parler. They changed the name to get over Apples censorship.

After you download the new app delete the old app. When you do you’ll be able to login to the new Parlor using your old info and it’ll reboot as Parler. If you have the old app in your phone it won’t work because the old app is trying to use the old servers.


We’re not sure how true the user claim is, but you may give it a shot (at your own risk).

Update 11 (May 17)

Here’s a user shared image of the notification they get to see on accessing Parler.


Update 12 (May 18)

The wait is finally over for Apple users as Parler app is back on the App Store. However, the posts labeled as “hate” won’t show up for iPhone/iPad users.

FYI Team Parler is still trying to convince Apple to permit iOS users the ability to see hate speech, but banning it was one of the conditions for the app’s come back on the App Store.

The app is yet to make its way back to the Google Play Store and here’s everything we know about the situation at the moment.

Update 13 (May 19)

Just in case you’re not aware, Android users can side-load Parler app from the website.

Update 14 (May 20)

Users are reporting multiple issues (with CAPTCHA and login confirmation) with Parler which has made using the service difficult. Here’s how a user puts it:

Parler attacks itself. Too difficult to use. Juice not worth squeeze. Very difficult to sign in. Endless problems whether that be CAPTCHA that does not work, or Login Code that does not work. Or system just not working to get this far.


Update 15 (May 21)

Parler has now officially confirmed the Android app is now available for sideloading (outside the Google Play Store). Here is what the official page says:

Installing the Parler App on Android Devices Outside the Google Play Store (Sideloading)
The Parler app for Android is available for devices running Android OS 5 or later.

Apps distributed outside the Google Play Store are flagged as coming from “unknown sources.” This doesn’t mean they’re dangerous; they’re simply not monitored or financially tied to Google. So long as you obtain apps through trusted sources, sideloading is a safe alternative to get the apps you love.

The Parler app for Android is available for sideloading. Parler can only support the one downloaded from this specific page.

Regarding verification issues (email address, password, verification code), here is what Parler suggests:

We are working on this issue. If you’re on iOS, please delete the app from your device and reinstall it – this fixes the issue much of the time. 🙂

Update 16 (May 24)

Here’s a user-shared image regarding some of the problems being worked on:


Update 17 (June 02)

For those of you facing loading issues with the iOS app, Parler suggests you to uninstall the app and then re-install it again.

Update 18 (June 10)

The official Parler website is gone once again and now throws a notification stating: “This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
” (as can be seen in the image below):


Update 19 (June 11)

The site is functional once again. Not only the site the app was also encountering an issue, which has been confirmed by the developers in their recent tweet.

Parler is up.

Right pointing backhand index Available for iOS in the

Right pointing backhand index Available for Android via sideloading at
Right pointing backhand index Via web browser:

Update 20 (April 14, 2023)

Starboard, the new owners of Parler, have decided to temporarily shut down the app (1, 2, 3, 4). It seems that the platform will return in the future with a revamped version.

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