Reddit 'Rounded corners' UI on mobile faces criticism from users

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Reddit is rolling out an update that gives its mobile UI a ‘refreshed look and feel’. The patch focuses on reducing unused space on feeds and offers a cleaner and more modern appearance.

However, some are incredibly disppointed by this change. It appears that Reddit mobile users are going through a rough patch as the chat functionality has also been broken for the last few weeks.

Reddit ‘Rounded corners’ UI faces criticism

The new ‘Rounded corners’ UI on Reddit mobile (Android and iOS) is facing backlash (1,2,3,4,5) from the community. Some are calling it ugly and unintuitive and consider it a forced change.

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Apart from the feed images having rounded corners, the usernames were also removed to facilitate a cleaner UI. However, getting rid of such an important element just to save space doesn’t seem like the best choice.

Making matters worse, the awards are now hidden in the ‘Three dot’ menu. The image corners are so round that may hide important information in some cases.

Hiding awards is also a spit take, because now anyone who actually bothered to buy them never sees them unless they actually open the post or bother navigating into said community.

Not only are the round image corners ugly and not only is it strange to remove usernames from posts on the feed, but the entire idea of making the subreddit name smaller is ridiculous and counterintuitive.

While it’s unlikely to happen, some are asking the developers to add a toggle to switch between the old and the new UI.


Naturally, a lot of Reddit mobile users are now looking for alternatives that offer a better and more customizable UI. Here’s a list of popular options in no particular order:

We’ll keep an eye on this matter and update this story to reflect noteworthy developments in the future.

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