EA Sports PGA Tour 'putting grid bug' (ball breaks to opposite direction) to be fixed with upcoming update, try this workaround till then

Developed and published by EA Sports, PGA Tour is a series of golf video games available on multiple gaming platforms including Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows, iOS, and more.

EA Sports PGA Tour putting grid bug

However, some players are reporting putting grid bug where the ball breaks in the opposite direction. For those unaware, putting grid helps players adjust the shots’ direction.

But for some reason, the new bug is causing the ball to go in another direction and not where players adjust their grid to. Here are some reports for reference:


Grid shows slight left to right break. Putt breaks right to left. On the second putt it shows what the grid should have been. I know this is a common issue people are having but it’s impressive how they’ve managed to mess that up. (Source)

Check out this video… I feel like putting is so random. In 2K it felt like every break was consistent and every putt was make able… I feel like I’m guessing out here and then you see this… blatantly not following the break. (Source)

As apparent from the reports above, when players adjust the grid to either left or right, the ball they shot always goes in the opposite direction which is frustrating.

Fortunately, a player has managed to fix this issue by turning off the beads. Hence, you can try it out as a potential workaround and see if it helps.

I’ve turned off the beads and found that I putt much better. Idk why, but I find the grid much more readable. Anyone else relate? (Source)

Moreover, EA has acknowledged this issue. On their official blog, they have confirmed that a fix for this problem will be implemented in the upcoming update.

Also, there will be a visual update that will ensure that the green grid fades away once players hit their putt.


We hope that EA Sports PGA Tour putting grid bug gets fixed soon as it’s making the game unplayable. And when they do, we will update this story to reflect the latest development.

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Featured image – EA

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