[Updated] Some Discord users demand file upload size to be increased

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Being a popular VoIP and instant messaging social platform, Discord caters to the needs of about 150 million users every month.

Although in the early days the platform primarily helped gamers connect and communicate, it now helps connect users with diverse interests together and has seen a significant increase in its user base in the past few years.

People now use the platform to build communities in different interest areas, which can be anything ranging from fashion to the stock market to cryptocurrency. However, the platform is once again in the news.


We recently covered an issue where Discord was down and not working for some users. This time, some users seem to be facing problems due to the file size restrictions set up by the platform.

Discord users demand file upload size limit to be increased

Multiple users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) have taken to social media to demand an increase in the file size limit set by Discord for free users.

Even though one may freely use the platform, some restrictions have been set up for such users, limiting their flexibility in using it, one of which is the ‘file size upload limit’.

One could also subscribe to one of their paid memberships and get rid of such restrictions.

The paid subscription models of Discord are also further divided into 2 plans, namely, the ‘Nitro Basic’ and ‘Nitro’. The latter allows a user more flexibility in terms of using the platform.


According to Discord users, the current file size limit set up for free users, doesn’t meet the demands of the current generation.

Some seem to be having problems sharing high-quality screenshots, while others are having difficulties sharing high-resolution snaps clicked from their mobile phones or digital cameras.

A user on Twitter has compared the platform’s size limit with that of Skype. Skype allows even its free users to share a file of about 300MB in size without any hidden constraints or issues.

On the other hand, Discord has not been able to increase even a bit more from the old 8MB upload limit for the past few years. Due to this, some feel agitated to be paying a monthly fee just for sharing normal stuff.


discord’s file size limits are a little ridiculous. I DONT WANT TO PAY THREE DOLLARS A MONTH TO SEND A NORMAL QUALITY PICTURE

@discord please, PWEASE I begging y’all to increase file upload limit size to 10 or 15MB for non nitro user

Discord really needs to up its file size limit 8 mb is ridiculous. We aren’t living in 2010 anymore 8mbs is literally nothing nowadays

Discord users are now requesting the platform to consider increasing the upload file size limit so that even the free or non-nitro users can connect better and express their thoughts to their peers and family.

Official response

Fortunately, the company has responded to the matter and conveyed to its subscribers that their feedback will be taken into account.


That said, we will keep an eye on the issue where Discord users are facing problems because of the file upload limit restrictions set up for the free tier and update this story as new information becomes available.

Update 1 (April 11, 2023)

02:34 pm (IST): Discord recently took to Twitter to announce that the file size will now be limited to 25MB instead of 8MB.

hey @/everyone we’re upping the file size limit from 8MB to 25MB. hazzzzzzzahhhhhhhhhh!

Featured and inline image source: Discord

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