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Before returning a result, the YouTube Search algorithm considers a variety of parameters. It prioritizes these three main factors when it comes to ranking its search results: Relevance, Engagement, and Quality.

Well, now it is coming to light that there might be an issue with it.

YouTube irrelevant search predictions

Several YouTube users are now reporting that they are seeing irrelevant search suggestions or predictions when trying to search for anything on the platform (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

YouTube search issue
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YouTube users have reported that the search suggestion has been all over the place recently, with the algorithm suggesting topics that they have never even searched for.

Most of those affected say that they get search suggestions predominantly in Arabic even when they never search in that language.

This issue appears to have popped up in the last few days if the reports are anything to go by and has been affecting YouTube users across all platforms.

What is up with my YT search predictions? I don’t speak nor write arabic, nor have I ever searched for anything remotely close to what it is suggesting. I am usually into Tech or Music videos. My recommendations are still alright. It’s only the search predictions. YouTube??

Weird Search Predictions. So these search suggestions just popped up out of nowhere and are super weird, is there anything I should be worried about or is it just YouTube pulling some dumb stuff?

YouTube faced a similar issue where only the first few videos in the search results were related to the search. The rest were basically off-topic or non-essential recommended videos.

Also, YouTube support has been recommending that affected users should report such results using these steps:

1. In the search bar, at the bottom of the prediction box, click Report inappropriate predictions.
2. Provide your feedback, then click Send.

We hope YouTube addresses this issue quickly as it’s a major flaw in the functioning of the platform. Unfortunately, we haven’t come across a workaround at this moment.

That being said, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb to know if and when there are any further developments regarding the issue.

Update 1 (Dec. 9, 2022)

06:13 pm (IST): YouTube has acknowledged the issue where it was showing irrelevant search predictions or suggestions to its users. The team said that it is currently investigating the bug.

thx for flagging! we’re seeing similar reports from other users and the Product team is investigating rn. stay tuned for an update from us

Update 2 (Apr. 7, 2023)

05:08 pm (IST): In the last few hours, some YouTube users have been getting again irrelevant predictions in the search bar (1, 2, 3, 4).

Interestingly, they are all getting the same search suggestions: ‘blue bettle trailer reaction’, ‘lifeweaver’, and ‘shane mchamon injury’, as if those searches were being promoted by YouTube.

However, it seems that the YouTube team was not aware of this. In fact, they are recommending affected users to try clearing the YouTube search history and restarting the app, but it’s not working.

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