Wild Hearts, the popular action RPG game by Omega Force and Electronic Arts, received a new patch on April 6 that added a ‘Camera Distance’ setting, ability to use voice chat during loading screens, and more.

However, not all players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) are happy with the patch, especially those who use the Claw Blade weapon.

Wild Hearts ‘Claw Blade’ nerf

The Claw Blade is a fast and agile weapon in Wild Hearts that specializes in aerial combat and mobility. It consists of two blades attached to a wire that can be thrown at the enemy and used to pull yourself towards them.

The patch has nerfed the Claw Blade in several ways, such as the claw gauge will now decrease when performing attacks with the claw lodged in, decreased the power of Claw Blade’s Wingblade Spin Slash, and more.

Wild Hearts Claw Blade nerf

These changes have made the Claw Blade less effective and less enjoyable to use, according to several players.

While some believe that nerfing the Claw Blade was unnecessary, given that it is a non-PVP game and players have the option to use other weapons.

For gamers who have spent countless hours upgrading the Claw Blade, the changes may feel like a waste of time and effort.

These players may feel disillusioned and disappointed, leading them to stop playing the game altogether.

What Did they do to the claw blade! I just finished my first hunt after the update and I noticed that whenever I did a power lunge I was losing 25% of my stamina circle.

It was fun while it lasted, the claw blade was the only weapon I found any sort of joy in, just tried the new changes I thought I wouldn’t notice but low and behold the weapon is now absolutely unusable. It was fun now it’s gone thanks Omega Force you clearly play your games…

Ultimately, game developers must strive to balance the gameplay for all players taking into account the time and effort invested by players in upgrading their weapons and achieving success in the game.

While changes to game mechanics may be necessary for the overall balance of the game, they must be made with careful consideration of the impact on players and the community.

Rest assured, we will monitor any updates regarding the Wild Hearts ‘Claw Blade’ nerf and notify you if we discover anything noteworthy.

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Featured image source: Wild Hearts.

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