Since acquiring Twitter, one of Elon Musk’s main goals has been to kill off bots. The team has taken multiple measures to achieve this, although there is still work ahead.

One of the anti-bot measures that were already in place before Musk’s arrival is the ‘Arkose challenge’. However, several Twitter users are facing an issue where the Arkose challenge is not loading or working.


In addition, there are also people unable to send DMs, preventing them from communicating privately with other accounts via Twitter.

Twitter Arkose challenge not loading or working

An ‘Arkose challenge’ is basically a system that serves to separate bots from real users. It seeks not only to identify bot accounts, but also to avoid potential attacks.

Normally, when a platform detects signs of unusual activity on an account, it will temporarily block or limit that user (1, 2). One of the ways to unlock the profile on Twitter is to complete the Arkose challenge.

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The system works similar to a captcha, but users must interact with a puzzle. After completing it, they will be able to continue using their accounts.

That said, it seems that currently the Arkose challenge is not loading or working for multiple Twitter users, preventing them from accessing their accounts. In addition, those profiles will be shown as blocked for other users.


Hey @Twitter @elonmusk I’m being asked to pass an Arkose challenge but this isn’t loading. I’ve tried on multiple devices and get the same.

For the 100th time @elonmusk, I am not a robot. Please stop locking me out of my account everyday and giving me the arkose challenge 🤦

If you are facing the issue, you can retry to pass the challenge by using ‘Incognito Mode’ in your browser and disabling your AdBlock extension.

Some users unable to send DMs as well

Some people are also facing another challenge, but not ‘Arkose-related’. In this case, there are Twitter users who are unable to send DMs.

According to reports, affected users are getting a ‘Failed to send message’ error when trying to do so. This prevents them from communicating privately with their Twitter contacts through the platform.


#TwitterSupport Is anyone else having all their dms suddenly fail to send?

@TwitterSupport my DM is not working and neither is the arkose that I am supposed to connect to to fix the problem can you help

There is still no official acknowledgment on these issues from the Twitter team. We will update this story as events unfold.

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