YouTube has faced backlash from its users over a recent update, in which the default tab for viewing a channel’s videos has been changed from ‘Latest’ to the ‘For you’ tab.

This change appears to be a server-side test, and while it might not be a problem for some users, others find it annoying.

YouTube channel videos defaulting to ‘For you’ instead of ‘Latest’ tab

The ‘For you’ tab is a personalized section of YouTube that suggests content based on your viewing habits.

However, the issue with the tab being set as the default option is that it ignores the users’ preference for seeing the latest content uploaded by a channel.

what’s this new ‘for you’ tab when viewing a channel’s vids for? who on earth wanted it? first it was getting rid of ‘sort by oldest’ and now this…

This s very quickly making youtube unwatchable. Having to click on channels, then videos, then switching to latest is making me not even want to check out what is new, especially on multiple channels.

Several users have taken to social media platforms to express their displeasure with the new feature and are asking YouTube to roll back the changes.

Some users claim that the ‘For you’ tab doesn’t show all the latest content and that it’s not an accurate representation of what they want to see.

Others say that it’s confusing and frustrating to have to change the tab to ‘Latest’ every time they visit a channel.

Youtube for you page revert
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While some are not very welcoming of the feature, there are some who approve of the guest feature.

I honestly like it a lot. I could see it being great for when you discover a new channel, putting the stuff that you’re most likely to enjoy at the top, rather than just whatever they’ve put out most recently.

I agree it’s a little annoying that it’s the new default. I would’ve preferred it to still sort by latest with a little thing saying, “Hey, look what you can do now!” But it’s honestly such a simple thing to switch tabs, it’s hardly infuriating

On the other hand, several are also commenting that YouTube is testing such new experiments with the intent to stuff algorithms and compete with TikTok.

Youtube for you tiktok
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YouTube hasn’t made any official statement about the ‘For you’ tab, and it’s unclear whether they plan to revert the change.

However, with the growing backlash from users, it’s likely that YouTube will either remove the ‘For you’ tab or make it an option for users to enable or disable.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has faced criticism over changes to its platform. YouTube has previously received backlash over changes to its algorithm that affected the visibility of content creators.

That said, we hope YouTube understands user feedback on making the ‘For you’ tab the default selection when viewing the list of videos in a channel and provides a way out or a solution quickly.

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