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PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been a game-changer in the world of gaming. With its powerful hardware, innovative features, and impressive game library, the PS5 has set a new standard for gaming consoles.

A new patch v23.01-07.01.01 was released on March 29, 2023, that comes with the fix for an issue in Game Library where the content was displayed incorrectly.

PS5 showing ‘Rebuilding database’ message

Now, some PS5 gamers are seeing a ‘Rebuilding database’ message on their consoles (1,2,3).

PS5 Rebuilding database
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Several gamers claim that the process of turning off the PS5 took longer than usual, causing them to feel worried about the state of their console.

As a result of this concern, some decided to restart their console, only to be greeted with a message on their screen saying ‘Rebuilding database’.

This process is usually designed to fix any corrupted data, which can cause issues with game performance and stability.

Despite this, the incident has still raised some concerns among PS5 gamers, with many wondering whether their console is vulnerable to data loss or damage.

For the first time ever I saw my ps5 rebuild my database I’m scared

Anyone have their #PS5 randomly rebuild it’s database when you turn it on?

What’s weirder is, this new system patch didn’t need to restart the console, and just installed itself after downloading.

Anyone else have their PS5 rebuilding the database after this last patch that didn’t require a reboot?

Well, worry not. The reason you saw the ‘Rebuilding database’ message could be due to the fact you were affected by the Game Library bug mentioned in the changelog, as it was fixed in this patch.

Also, the ‘Rebuilding database’ is a process that can be done manually, and is used to fix common storage-related issues. It is very similar to the process of defragging your hard drive on a PC.

So, you need not worry and keep playing.

Update 1 (April 3, 2023)

01:40 pm (IST): A Redditor confirmed that the latest update brought a fix for the game library bug which potentially resulted in PS5 users getting the ‘Rebuilding Database’ message.

there was a very recent system update to fix some issues with library displays (among other things) – one outcome was rebuilding databases for most of us. This is likely the reason.

Once the ‘Rebuilding Database’ process is finished, you can go back to playing your favorite games.

Update 2 (April 4, 2023)

02:01 pm (IST): In a scarce scenario, a PS5 user reported that they are experiencing several issues with their unit after they got the ‘Rebuilding Database’ message on boot.

However, this could just be a one-off case as the user further mentioned that their PS5 was sent to the company for maintenance once before.

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