Google Search is the ‘core’ of the Mountain View company’s current tech empire. The search engine is the most used worldwide and multiple services depend on it.

Although Google has rivals in many areas, its dominance is strong in the search engine segment. So, numerous users of products from rival companies like Apple also prefer this Google service.


That said, multiple Google Search users on Safari browser for macOS have been facing an issue where the cursor jumps to the end of text when trying to type in the middle of the search bar.

Google Search bar (Safari) cursor jumps to end of text when trying to add or edit text in between

First, it’s worth pointing out that the bug reportedly only affects Safari browser on macOS devices. It is quite frustrating as it prevents users from adding or editing text in the middle of search.

According to reports, when Safari users type a word or phrase to search for, there is no problem. The problem comes when they want to add or edit text in between the search term.

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After placing the cursor in the middle of the search with the mouse and start typing, it will suddenly jump to the end of the text in the Google Search bar.

Text cursor jumps to end of search bar

Whenever I try inserting any words/symbols/letters in the middle of my search, the text cursor (flashing line) jumps to the end of the search bar and adds on from there. Google also won’t let me click within the search field and automatically sends the cursor to the end as well.

Cannot edit search

I cannot edit my google search. I place the cursor in the middle of the sentence and it automatically moves the cursor to the end. Is this a virus or something because who would wand it to do this? No one would make a setting like this.

Basically, Google Search bar is not allowing Safari browser users to add or edit text in between using the mouse to locate the cursor. Users can only place the cursor in the middle using the arrow keys.

A fix is in the works, potential workarounds

Fortunately, the bug was escalated to the Google Search team a week ago. More recently, a Google Product Expert revealed that the problem has already been identified and a fix is in development.


There is a potential workaround that could help you to mitigate the issue. Some users claim that the bug disappeared if they were logged into their Google accounts while using Google Search.

I did notice that the problem disappeared if I was logged into my Google account and came back as soon as I logged out. Go figure!

Yes, if you are logged in google, the problem goes away.

Alternatively, others suggest changing the search engine to Yahoo while Google fixes the glitch (1, 2).

We will update this story as events unfold.

Featured Image: Google on Twitter

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