Discord is a popular platform for gamers, streamers, and communities to chat and interact online. One of the features that make Discord fun and expressive is the use of custom emojis.

Custom emojis are personalized emotes that you can upload (up to 50 or 100 if you have Nitro). If you are a Nitro subscriber, you can use custom emojis from any server anywhere in Discord where emojis can be used.

Discord custom emojis disappearing or gone missing

However, some Discord users are reporting an issue where custom emojis have disappeared or gone missing for them (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

Discord emoji missing

According to affected users, only default emojis are appearing in the message menu, and none of the custom emojis are available on any server or personal chat.

This issue appears to be affecting the mobile version of the Discord app, including both iOS and Android devices while on the desktop version, everything seems to be fine.

Custom emojis are a key feature of Discord’s culture, and many communities have developed their own unique emojis to express themselves and create an identity on the platform.

So this issue has caught several Discord users off guard and has significantly impacted their user experience and engagement on the platform.

This just started happening today and I’m really confused. My server emojis in any sort of server isn’t even showing on the mobile app. It not even showing me the category of any servers and only shows the basic emojis on my keyboard.

Anyone having this issue where emojis from the servers you’re in aren’t showing up in the game overlay? Only have the default emojis showing up and only started today.

Potential workarounds

We have come across multiple potential workarounds for this issue. Firstly, save a new custom emoji and the rest will appear. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Navigate to ‘Server Settings’ and select the ‘Emoji’ tab.
2. Click on ‘Upload Emoji’ and choose an image file from your device.
3. Give your emoji a name and a code that will appear between colons when you type it in chat.
4. Click on ‘Save Changes’.

Secondly, delete Discord app data:

Today I’ve had multiple cases where custom emojis start disappearing until they’re all gone. I can bring them back temporarily by deleting app data

And lastly, logging out and back in of the Discord app seems to work for some.

There have been reports of the issue with custom emojis disappearing returning after using these workarounds, so you might need to repeat these steps again if the bug comes back.

That said, we’ll keep tabs on the latest developments regarding the issue and update the article accordingly.

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