Brawl Stars 'Iron Core' duels map leaves many frustrated, team looking into it

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer battle arena video game developed by Supercell for iOS and Android. The game recently received a patch introducing bug fixes to some known issues.

For instance, it fixed the issues where customizations were not being properly saved to a player’s profile and Duo Showdown would spawn for two new maps.

The update also adds two new Brawlers: R-T (Chromatic) and Willow (Mythic) and new skins to the game.

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However, some are unhappy.

Brawl Stars Iron Core duels map leaves many frustrated

Multiple Brawl Stars players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) dislike the Iron Core map because of it’s flawed map design. Apparently, it gives an unfair advantage to Tank and Artillery class Brawlers, making it easy for them to defeat their opponents.

The Artillery Brawlers are effective against opponents using cover and can also throw projectiles across barriers. Tanks are powerful in close quarters and have high hit points.

A player says that the majority of the characters are unable to charge their basic and super attacks. The only way to defeat the opponents is via a thrower or a tank with more health.

Another gamer alleges the problem with the map to be its unbreakable walls. They also say that the map makes it easy to hide and attack enemies.


I just went up ~300 trophies almost back to back (lost like 3 times to grom) playing Dynamike, Edgar, Primo And the intention of unbreakable walls was to help tanks? this map is legit free elo for throwers they should just remove it entirely there’s no counterplay at all besides playing a better thrower

Is my chosen brawlers too good or Am I just really good at duels? Win is more than this as Battle Log don’t record after certain numbers. It is consecutively 30-40 wins. What do you think about this maps (like Grim Island and Four Lake)?

One of those affected has even shared an improvised concept of the map.

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Official response

Fortunately, a Brawl Star game lead has responded on this matter and has said that their team will look into the issue.


We do hope that the developers will make the changes to the map soon.

That said, we’ll keep tabs on this topic and update this article as something noteworthy arises.

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Featured image source: Brawl Stars.

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