[Updated] Mod DB still down or not working hours after ETA for maintenance end

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Original story (published on March 16, 2023) follows:

In the gaming world, there are players who are not satisfied only with what the developers offer. They seek to multiply the possibilities, and for that there are mods.

Mods are especially popular on PC, where it is much easier to implement or install them. There are even dedicated websites or media covering all things related to mods, like ‘Mod DB’.


However, currently regular Mod DB readers are concerned since the website is still down or not working hours after the given ETA for a maintenance end.

Mod DB still down or not working several hours after the given ETA for maintenance end

Let’s start at the beginning, when Mod DB admins warned that the website would be unavailable for some time. The cause would be a ‘planned service migration’ to improve platform performance with more bandwidth.


But, what seemed like a common situation turned into something more complex than expected, since due to ‘unforeseen consequences’, the maintenance was extended for around 5 extra hours.

Hey all – due to some unforeseen consequences, site maintenance is taking longer than expected. We’re not expecting uptime any earlier than the next five hours. Apologies all but be ready to try out some new bandwidth and awesome UGC when we’re back online!

So, where is the problem? Basically that this latest acknowledgment arrived 10 hours ago. That is, Mod DB website is still down or not working twice as many hours as advertised (at the time of writing this story).

In addition, no other official pronouncement on the situation has emerged. Therefore, regular readers of the website are already showing concern.

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Can we get a status on the site, I understand the ETA was at least 5 extra hours but, we haven’t received any information. The site is still down. But you guys linked a mod which we can’t even check out because the site is down..

Is moddb still down?

Considering the long outage and lack of communication on the matter, it is normal for Mod DB readers to fear even a website shutdown. However, that is just a speculation that will need to be confirmed.

We will be monitoring the situation to update this story as events unfold in the future.

Update 1 (March 20, 2023)

11:15 am (IST): ModDB team has shared that the website is back with improved bandwidths across the site.

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