Latest Brave browser update broke copy to clipboard keyboard shortcut on macOS, fix to arrive with next update

Brave browser has recently received the v1.49.120 update which has introduced some new features and bug fixes.

It adds a pending transactions notification badge on the Brave Wallet icon and makes it easy for one to distinguish between contract address and wallet address.

The patch also introduced a new ‘Copy Text From Image’ entry to the image context menu and the ‘Copy clean link’ option to the macOS application menu bar.


However, it appears that the latest update has broken some functionalities as well.

Latest Brave browser update broke copy to clipboard keyboard shortcut on macOS

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7), some Brave browser users are facing difficulties in copying text to clipboard with the help of the keyboard shortcut.

It is alleged that the latest browser update has broken the copy-to-clipboard function for some macOS users.

Also, the copy keyboard shortcut (⌘C) sometimes copies the location or URL of a website source instead of highlighted text.

Brave copy to clipboard-inline-image-1

A user on the Brave community forum says that after the recent update, the web browser copies the clean link of a website, instead of copying the selected text when a keyboard shortcut is used.

Due to this bug, users accidentally end up making errors while working, which can be annoying.


Heya, After the recent update my copy shortcut has started behaving weirdly. I am on MacOS and sometimes (for tabs that have been opened for some time) on press of Cmd + C copies the URL instead of the selection.

@brave the copy / past function standard has been broken command + C – I make mistakes all day.

Some have even tried restarting the browser and uninstalling and reinstalling it but to no effect.

macOS users are now requesting the developers to resolve the problem as soon as possible so that they can work easily like they earlier could.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, a Brave security engineer says that the company has acknowledged this issue. It was further stated that the developers are preparing to uplift the fixes to the release channel.

Although, no ETA for the next update release has been given.

Brave copy to clipboard-official-ack

We do hope that Brave fixes this glitch soon.

Having said that, we’ll keep an eye on the issue where the latest Brave browser update broke the ‘copy to clipboard’ keyboard shortcut on macOS and update the article accordingly.

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