Fortnite 'Leon S. Kennedy' skin classic jacket is missing & players are furious about it

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Fortnite’s latest collaboration with the Resident Evil franchise has brought excitement and disappointment among the players.

The highly anticipated Leon S. Kennedy skin has finally arrived, but it’s missing one key element that has Fortnite players up in arms.

Fortnite Leon S Kennedy jacket missing

Leon S. Kennedy is one of the most iconic characters in the Resident Evil saga, and his classic look includes a jacket that is synonymous with his character.

Fortnite 'Leon S. Kennedy' skin classic jacket
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However, Fortnite’s implementation of the skin did not include the jacket, which has left players disappointed and angry.

Players are reporting (1,2,3,4,5) their frustration, with many demanding an alternative style that includes the jacket. However, the skin cannot be customized to resemble the original.

Great to hear! Can you investigate the issue where the Leon S. Kennedy skin is missing his cool jacket edit style? Thank you!

Bro im so disappointed with the collab. Ive been posting my most wanted collabs for years and Leon is like on number 1. When Jill and Chris were released, I got hyped more. Now that we got them, im so disappointed

This isn’t the first time Fortnite players have criticized Epic Games for being indolent with outfit and customization options.

In the past, players have demanded more customization options and have called for better implementation of skins.

lazy fortnite
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Here, affected players are demanding Fortnite developers create a better version of outfit customization for the wolf style.

The controversy over the missing Leon S. Kennedy jacket has sparked a debate among fans of both Fortnite and Resident Evil.

Some argue that the missing jacket is a minor detail that shouldn’t detract from the overall experience, while others believe that it’s an essential part of the character’s look and should have been included.

I understand you all wanted Leon S. Kennedy with the jacket or RPD Style me too but i dont know the reason why we didnt get it but it is ok for me Fortnite doing a fantastic job on the Leon S. Kennedy Outfit with all the details & original Outfit from the RE4R i love him he looks just amazing & im not and will never ungrateful because hes just looks 10/10

one theory why we didnt get hes Jacket is the Jacket from the RE4R are a real jacket from irl Brand so if fortnite didnt get the rights for it they cant get it in the game so for me its the Leon S. Kennedy a masterpiece of a Outfit just perfectly
Thank you Fortnite for add him to Fortnite i love him! ❤️

Despite the controversy and the stir about the Fortnite Leon S. Kennedy jacket missing, the collaboration between Fortnite and Resident Evil has been successful.

The skins and other in-game items seem to be well-received by some fans of both franchises, and it’s likely that we’ll see more collaborations between the two in the future.

Only time will tell if Epic Games listen to the fans and release an alternative style that includes the jacket.

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