Music streaming giant Spotify has been making changes to its user interface, which has left many users dissatisfied.

The recent update to remove the green heart icon, which appears beside previously liked songs in the track listing, has caused quite a stir among its users.

Spotify removed the green heart icon

Some users are reporting (1,2,3) the issue in order to express their displeasure on platforms and forums like Reddit.

I don’t like how we can’t see the green heart beside a song on the app 🙁 now I have to slide it over just to see if it is indeed in my Liked Songs. I read somewhere on here that they’re going to bring back that feature but rn it’s just so annoying.

Spotify removing likes will cause me to switch platforms. As stupid as it sounds , I need that visual of whether or not I’ve liked that song. They better be planning some FIRE sh*** with this feature removal or else I’m dipping.

Spotify users have been accustomed to seeing the green heart icon next to songs they have liked.

This feature not only allowed users to keep track of the songs they liked but also made it easy for them to quickly identify and access these songs from various albums and playlists.

However, in the new update, the green heart icon was removed, and users were left with no easy way to distinguish the songs they had previously liked.

spotify green heart button
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Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, a FAQ on the Spotify Community forum says that the ability to see the songs you’ve previously liked in track listings will be back soon. However, it’s unknown whether it’ll still be a green heart icon.

The ability to see which songs you’ve previously liked will return to track listings soon. (Playlist and Album pages) We don’t know yet if this icon will still be a green heart. The team is currently working on making this experience better.

Furthermore, no specific date was provided for when the feature would be restored. Understandably, this has left some users anxious and uncertain about the future of their beloved feature.

spotify green heart

The removal of the green heart feature has highlighted the importance of user experience and the impact that seemingly small changes can have on user satisfaction.

As Spotify continues to evolve and introduce new features, it’s important for the company to take into account the impact of these changes on its users.


We hope that Spotify will soon address this issue. But until then, stay tuned as always so that we can keep you posted about further developments right when they drop.

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