The famous online tactical shooter game Rainbow is often regarded as an elite and realistic game but it currently is facing some issues that have made it difficult for players to play.

The affected are claiming that ever since the Flinka Elite skin showed up, it is giving players a hard time alongside crashing issues during matches.

Rainbow Six Siege Finka Elite skin as Echo Elite

The players have recently reported (1,2,3,4,5) issues with the Finka Elite skin and crashing during Deathmatch mode. Users who purchased the Finka Elite skin have claimed that they instead received the Echo Elite skin.

Hey @UbisoftSupportI bought the Finka elite skin today and I received the Echo elite instead? Could I get a refund and the Finka elite skin please? My psn is the same as my Twitter

I bought the finka elite with 1900+ credits that it cost for the set and no set was provided and my r6 credits were not returned to me. Can you please give me the elite set I purchased or refund me my r6 credits I’ve checked my inventory etc. and no help from support ticket

It appears that it has been over 7 days and the issue is still causing inconvenience to some.

These reports have been surfacing on various platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, and the Ubisoft forums.

Players have taken to social media to express their frustration with the situation, posting images and videos of their game showing the Echo Elite skin instead of the Finka Elite skin.

Finka Elite Rainbow Six Siege
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In addition to the Finka Elite skin issue, players have also been experiencing crashes during Deathmatch mode.

The crashes appear to be occurring when using non-universal attachment skins, causing Rainbow Six Siege to crash in Deathmatch.

@UbisoftSupportI have a problem, every time I Open R6siege and play team death match after a while I Crash, every time, I tried reinstalling The game I went to local drivers and did a update to my drivers of my PC but it keeps happening.

The issue is affecting various platforms including Xbox, however, we have come across a few steps that may come in handy to reproduce the crash.

Rainbow Six Siege Finka Elite skin steps to reproduce crash
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Official acknowledgement

Ubisoft has acknowledged the issue with Finka Elite skin but there’s no ETA in sight.

Hi there. Our team is currently investigating the issue with the epic skin for Finka. We’re afraid that there’s no ETA as to when this will be fixed. Once we know more, we will share an update with the community. Thank you for your patience.

The Deathmatch mode crashing issue has also been recognized along with the aforementioned steps to reproduce the problem on the R6Fix website.

ubisoft ack
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They have also responded to various tweets regarding the issue, stating that they are aware of the problem but again have not provided any ETA on a fix.

Despite the issues with the Finka Elite skin and crashing during Deathmatch, Rainbow Six Siege remains a hugely popular game with a large and dedicated player base.

The game has seen continued support from Ubisoft, with regular updates and new content being added to the game.


Hopefully, Ubisoft will be able to address these issues soon and keep Rainbow Six Siege running smoothly for its dedicated fanbase.

In the meantime, players can keep an eye on Ubisoft’s social media channels for any updates on these issues and also try the given steps.

Also, we will keep you posted about any developments on this story as soon as we spot them, so stick around.

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